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talking to myself

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What the soul desires



What the soul desires

God is love,

so the soul desires a return,

seeking the union in ways often self defeating,

desiring warmth and escape from loneliness

as an end in itself,

not understanding that love,

true love deepens our sense of otherness,

knowing that all that we see around us

is limited and cannot filll a heart

made for the infinite ocean of love.

When rejected this truth,

then we take love,

use others,

make them objects

and then when they disappoint us

which they will,


True love leads to wholeness,

Self seeking love as an end in itself,

the worse drug possible

leading to ever deeper desperation

and in the end loneliness and despair.

Only in the death to the old way of life,

can this love be experienced,

though there are no shortcuts,

yet Love is with us always,

walking with us,

lifting us up

and offering always,

a new beginning and mercy.

For our longing for love

is a response to the invitation

given to all,

for we are all pursued by Love.


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