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A man awake

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End of the rainbow is inside of you

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White Crane Feather


So as I prepare to leave for a solo hike/snow shoe trip through the Sierra Nevada mountains for a vision quest, I wanted to blog this occurrence and deep revelation that happened to me a few days ago during a rainstorm.

I was comeing back from helping a friend move and very powerful rainstorm swept through my area. It was about 4pm and half the sky was clear and sunny while he other half had huge majestic clouds.

As im driving a massively complete rainbow forms in the east. It is a double rainbow and completely formed. There is a heavy wind and rain is blowing everywhere in gusts. I stop and get out of my truck. I am not going to miss the opertunity to experience this in it's fullest.

As I stand in the parking lot the wind is blowing water everywhere forming a white but brite mist everywhere. The rainbow is not in the sky!!!!!!! It's right in front of me!!! I can reach out touch it. A wave of gratitude passes through me, and those rolling chills start to pulsate through my body. I know I am not alone. Here on the side of the road ( reminiscent of what happens in Nevada last year) I'm being granted something. The rainbow is no longer a bow. It's a full circle. Part of it is superimposed on the sky, by the misty conditions allow it to continue it's arch. As I am standing there the rest of the rainbow completes as a a arch that intersects my body at the center of my chest and out my back. I can't beleive what I'm seeing. I wave my hand through it a few times. I must look like a mad man standing out in the rain waving my arms around while getting drenched.

I stand there for while undtil a cloud covers the sun and my rainbow is no longer intersecting me. The other half is still in the sky. I get in my truck and drive off thanking the great spirit.

There is no end of the rainbow and the treasure that is supposed to be there is you. You... We are the pot of gold. Our lives our souls our existence is the greatest treasure. What better gift from the divine could we hope for than to be capable of experienceing god and love for one another. When I walk out in the mornIng I have createed a hand motion with my hands as a prayer. As a catholic might make the sign of the cross on her chest, I trace the rainbow in the sky and bring it into my chest, to remind me of my relationship with god.

I'm off to a vision quest. I want to create something, I just havnt found what it is yet. I will be meditating for several days as a vision quest. I'm hopeing the snow will inspire me. Maybe a spirit will come.

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I think that's the most beautiful thing ever!! You probably did look like a loony bin waving your arms in the rain lol :lol: But we all get it!

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