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A man awake

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Back from the trip, new animal guide

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White Crane Feather


Back from my trip.

Well, I must say it was nothing at all like I planned. But still awesome and profound. 

First off, I did not go snow shoeing. As I was getting my gear together, my six and four year olds kept asking where I was going, and why I wasn't taking them. I kept telling them that daddy goes off on his own sometimes, but they still kept asking what I was doing, what this piece if gear was for, "when I m grown up I can use this" ( speaking about different pieces of gear). They were unyieldingly pestering me. 

I finally got The hint. They are old enough to be out more, and it is time for them to be out with me more. Without a second thought I scraped the snow shoeing and packed them up for a trip to the coast.  My wife was a little shocked, but I said the solo trip can wait. My recent boost in altered state abilities makes it easier to learn spiritually now anyway. There is not much need for the isolation anymore.

The trip and the lessons.

The first thing that was evident after we set up camp was, how incredibly excited they were to be there. My kids hate shoes, so the first thing they did was tear off their shows and charge into the sand dunes. Watching them be completely absorbed in the magic of the sand, was reason enough to bring them, and at that moment, I knew my solo days are going to be non solo for a while. 

There wasn't much to set up. I was in minimalist mode, so everything was contained in backpacks. That's when I figured out I had forgotten our tent! In the rush to get out I left my four season tent at home. Oh well. I had a tarp. It was going to get down to the thirties that night and we needed to be warm, so i constructed a shelter out of the tarp and blankets. My understanding of survival shelters, wind chill, and insulation all came into action. I was proud that I knew all of that material and I finally got a chance to use those skills instead of just practice.

That's when it hit me. There were motor homes, and beautiful travel trailers at this campsite, and we were sleeping in a makeshift tarp shelter. I was so happy I brought the kids. They were so content, and learning that we don't need any of that. They did not complain about the cold, or the wind, or the dirt. The reveled in all of it.  My four year old kept asking why the kids in a neighboring camp that were in their motor home playing would not come out. My six year old answered him. "it's because their not indians like us."  Even so young they are developing a sense of pride in existing with nothing. ( by the way we have a travel trailer, we just never use it unless my wife wants to go.... She rarely does, she likes hotel rooms ;) )

Our dinner was entirely foraged. Mustard leaves, minors lettuce, milk thistle Stems, muscles, and clams.

While we were foraging we stumbled on a group of people digging for clams in a very highly productive place and way that I was completely unaware of. When they left my kids went straight to work producing about 3 clams a piece.

Mixed with a chicken bullion cube, we cut chops sticks out of willow, and ate like a 5 star establishment with little more than 45 minutes invested in it. How people ever go hungry in this part of the world is beyond me. This planet is rich with food. It's literally everywhere I look.

After dinner, we settled in by the fire. It wasn't long before they were tired, so I put them in our makeshift tent. Then I went back to the fire to meditate in front of the flames. 

The visions 

So I am happy to report It did not take me long to enter a profound trance. The wind, the fire, and the darkness seemed to provide enough sensory deprivation to help me get there. 

I was a little shocked because I had not had this style of trance in a long time. When my third eye opens it's like everything is covered in an amber liquid. Alls sounds create ripples of and waves in the liquid. Moving my field of awareness around, I can see the trees communicating in the wind. Every wave every ripple is carrying meaning. It's like a symphony. I'm in complete in awe. 

The song that they are singing in the gusts of wind is telling a story. I can understand it. I'm not sure how; I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it. It wasn't verbal of course but a clear language of their spirit. I'll try and translate, but my words cannot do the beauty of this spirit song justice.

The trees were signing the glory of the wind. How it carries their seeds and pollen allowing the trees and many other plants to mate. It also carries communication chemicals and air currents that whip around their branches allowing them to make sounds. Not unlike human vocal cords. Their attention has been directed toward me. They know I am aware. having the attention switch to me was a little imposing. Being the center of attention in he whole forest was a bit unnerving. 

They sing to me that the sound of the wind, is not the sound of the wind, but the vocalization  of the trees using the wind.  They are also reminding me that the wind is partly responsible for human survival. Elements of the the anthropic principal is coming through.  The wind that is responsible for so much cold and storms also enables wet wood to burn so that humans have been able to survive storms and wind. The wind carries scents for animals to survive and ecosystems to continue on. If it were not for the balance of wind, life would not be possible. The song dove into dozens of other tiny things that make life possible. 

While listening/feeling/watching to the song of the trees one of the notes was telling me  a visitor was coming. I was a little anxious but not overly so. Maintaining the amber either trance ( that's what I'll call it), I was preparing myself to meet a spirit. 

A few more minutes and I could feel she was here. A strong maternal presence. Expecting a spirit, I was contemplating attempting an exit. I did not feel relaxed enough. I was in a standard legs crossed position not laying down. I have never totally exited while sitting straight up. I wasn't really sure if could have a conversation with a spirit if I were not out of body. Then she called my name!!!!! 

In my mind, but it sounded like english to me. I opened my eyes and turned to my right where it seemed like my name had been called. To my shock, not six feet from me, I am eye to eye with a skunk! 

My first instinct is to jump away, but i resist the urg. I am aware enough to know she won't spray me, and she is here on behalf of the trees. An animal guide. 

We stare at each other for a few moments. Despite all the things that I know and have seen, my rational side starts to speak up. ---It's just a fluke--- there are skunks everywhere around the coast--- campsite foraging at night is easy pickings---

Of course I know better, and I decide that maybe my rational side is not so rational.

About that time, she speaks up. She conveys her intentions in thoughts but it's much easier to translate than the trees... it almost comes across like english.

--- I'll be right back, go get your family---

Not hesitating with the request. I go to get the kids, and she disappears into the Shrubs. The kids were still awake .... barely.

I tell them to sit on the table and wait. It was only a minute or so and a whole squad of skunks appears and starts milling around under our feet. I tell the boys to only think good thoughts with love towards the animals. The skunk family goes about their business poking around the camp and looking up at us. The kids are not being still. They are on top of the picnic table shifting around and leaning over. The skunks are not afraid. They know we are friends. 

After a while, I say out load..."ok time for bed" the kids give me the typical "awwsww", and quit naturally the skunks meander away. I put the kids back in the shelter, and grab my iPhone from under a blanket. 

I'm having this thought. These encounters with animals that I have seem so far fetched to people, that half the time people never believe me. Well now that I have an I phone 4 with me all the time , I might be able to prove some of these encounters. 

I go back by the fire armed with a head lamp and my iPhone. 

She is sitting out there waiting for me. just her though not the other little ones. We stare at each other for a while, it's like a meditation but something else is happening ... We are melding somehow. Her spirit is becoming part of mine. As profound as it is, I was expecting some revelation, but instead I can feel her hunger for the bag of doritos on the table. I felt an Urg to munch on them myself, but it's her. I can tell. I grab a chip and toss it to her. I can feel her excitement, her gratitude, I can feel her savor the intensity of he salts and chip. It's almost an overwhelming taste and smell. The sensation was like a mega dorito. Extremely rich. I actually did not care for he sensory overload.

Then I remembered I still have my iPhone. So I toss a few more doritos around while I take pictures. Then it occurs to me that I have video. This skunk and I are melded, I can hear her thoughts,'she has a playful quirky spirit, I can feel myself taking on elements of her personality.  I'll get video of her eating out of my hand, at least I'll have proof of that much.

So yes. The attached video is some pictures from that day and night along with a video of me talking with the skunk. The CRAZY part about is that on the video, you can hear me haveing some sort of internal dialogue. My hand gestures are sort of strange. I was unaware that I was talking. I thought it was all in silence. I am floored watching the video, because I just remember doing it. I don't remember having this strange conversation with myself or even the quirky hand motions. It dosnt even sound like me. 

Skunks are beautiful intelligent creatures. They are so peaceful as a spirit, that even there defenses are non violent. They are not smell at all. Not once did I smell anything, and you will see on the video that I had very close contact. Even enough to appreciate how wonderfully soft their fur is.

The next morning we caught crab for breakfast. No one else was having any luck, but I told the kids just be grateful before we start and know in your heart that we love the spirit of the crab, and we will have our quarry. Sure enough. Our crab pots were just like everyone else's, but we left with enough crab for all of us in an hour, and there were only one or to caught by others long before we even arrived.

We roasted the crab over a fire, and boiled more wild mustard greens along with some shaggy main mushrooms.  ( don't eat wild mushrooms... I'm a life long naturalist if you couldn't tell, I know what I'm doing).

What an amazing trip, i am so grateful for what i am allowed to learn. I did not take a lot of video or pictures but there is enough to prove I was feeding the skunk by hand.

Here it is I'll do a better job next time

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Simbi Laveau


That sounds amazing and exhilarating !

Your kids are lucky to have such and enlightened parent . :)

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White Crane Feather


Thank you. Every week is magical these days. It must be one of those learning phases.

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I'd love to see the video! Did I miss the attachment? Enlightened and in touch you are, indeed!

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I am so happy for you. This is a very spiritual experiance and to share this with your family is amazing. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful experiance and so meaningful. Skunks are indeed very good animals and loving spirits. A animal guide is rare in this day and age. It seems you have come a long way in connecting and this is a great step to achieve so much more. Keep at it. My most memerable experiance was with a Red Fox animal guide and the "melding" is a very intense and life changing experiance. Kudo's to you and keep me posted on more of your learning.

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The skunk is one of several North American animals whose name has Native American origins. It is not known exactly which tribe first taught colonists the word for "skunk," since the word is extremely similar in many different northeastern Algonquian languages (skonks in Mohegan, škakw in Lenape, skonks in Mohegan, zhigaag in Ojibwe, etc.)

Skunks often play the role of monsters in Native American legends. Skunk's spray is usually said to have been fatal in the distant past, but after his defeat by a hero or other animals, becomes merely annoying. Some tribes did not eat skunks because of a superstitious belief that skunk meat was poisonous (which is not actually true; people in other tribes ate skunk meat with no ill effects.) Crossing paths with a skunk was considered bad luck in some tribes, and skunks were sometimes even associated with evil sorcery. But in some southeastern tribes, such as the Muskogee Creek, skunks are admired for their stalwart self-defense and usually appear in folktales defending themselves and their families from threats or taking justifiable revenge on other animals who have behaved badly. The Cherokee ascribed medicine powers to skunks and believed that a skunk's odor can ward off disease, so during times of plague, dead skunks were sometimes hung over people's doorways!

Skunks are used as clan animals in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Skunk Clans include the Creek (whose Skunk Clan is named Kunipalgi or Konepvlke), the Choctaw, and the Chickasaw. The Hidatsa also had a Skunk or Pole-cat Society, which was a ceremonial organization of young women associated with the celebration of war honors.

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What an amazing experience!! I'm so excited for you my heart is pumping. :lol: Very magical. It's beautiful that you got to share it with your sons... coincidence that the skunk brought her little ones?? I think not. :tu:

I'm really looking forward to going on my journey... I can't wait!!

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White Crane Feather


Thank you everyone.... To bring all of this full circle, as I am reading your comments Im haveing a flashback of when I was about seven years old.

My father and I were in the same area. I was messing with his very large and bulky VHS camcorder. I saw a skunk on one of the trails and I took off after it. It was a source of hilarious laghter for years in my family watching the video of me chasing a skunk in first person with the camara rolling and my fathers yells and desprate attempts to stop me. How strange 26 years latter this somewhat syncronistic event happens.

If I can find that video, I'll post it to.

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