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A man awake

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Pulling at my jamas

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White Crane Feather


Yeah so, I was up late watching a documentary about Australia. After it was done, I started to drift off.

I decided to hold my awareness, I have not been OBE in a while, and thought I might do some flying. Vibrations kicked up and then I changed my mind. I thought ehhhh I just want to sleep.

About that time something started tugging on my pajama pants. Sort of to the side. This might startle a lot of people, but for me all things strange are just common I guess and I have kids tugging on me all the time. I knew it was not one of my kids because it was pulling my up at and outward. I tried to ignore it. There was a playful spirit messing with me. I kinda pulled my leg to say buzz off. Then it started pulling harder. It was almost pulling me out. I could feel it's playful mischiviouse energy. I had no anxiety what so ever. Finally I reached up and grabbed it. I put it in sort of a bear hug and wispered in it's ear. "not now, I'm tired". Then I rolled out of body, we were falling together and I gently removed it, then gently gave it a push. Then I returned to my body and went to sleep.

Hahaha well I guess I have come a long way from spirits whispering in my ear to me whispering in theirs. I wonder who or what it was. Maybe one of my kids. I was thinking that at the time, but I did not consider that one of them might be in spirit, who knows.

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