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A man awake

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I love these.

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White Crane Feather


Call me proud, but I love letters like these. There is no guilt in getting pleasure for somones gratitude, and there is no shame in giving it. I am so greatful for these letters because I know all those nights of terror all my life were setting me up to be in position to guide peope out of them.

I absolutely love the virtues of love, gratitude, and loyalty. When I see them in people I want to screamn at them.... YES!!!! YOU ARE A CREDIT TO YOUR RACE!!!!!

Imagine if everyone occupy a place of gratitude all the time.

Here is a letter ( thank you so much)

"I appreciate your direction to the AP thread. I'm going to read thru it then give it a good go. I have a feeling I have been at the doorstep already and mistook it for the meditating/feelings experienced during some sessions. This is exciting to me.

I wanted to point out off the subject how wonderful I found one of your responses was to a paranormal thread from last December. I quoted it as a reference and decided to pm you rather then dig up an old thread to offer a bravo and upset some for digging it up and not even replying directly to the op's original thread. The subject was a new member that sounded as tho she was experiencing a possible sp moment. She then clearly was afraid of being ridiculed by skeptics by placing her her opening statement that she wanted not to hear from skeptics, only wanted to gear from people offering ways to stop her demon attacks. Being as some of the "skepticism" is some members honestly trying to offer a legimate alternative to what appears to some as paranormal and others not, here is what you wrote:

"You need to fight back. Possibly induce an altered state and go looking for it. Things will change if you show no fear. Your prayer actions are actions of fear. This only invites the scenerio. Prey.... But not for deliverance. Prey for strength to face off with it yourself.

If you pm me, I will walk you through steps to take to confront it and be strong enough to dominate

Just let me know. "

I think it was extremely tastefully done. You did not even mention that what you were offering was a very logical explanation-being sleep paralysis, but done so in no way did she suspect you were offering a "mind" explanation. No insults are needed in responding to folks who come in extremely terrified and at their whits end already, then to be mocked when seeking an answer to what is set up to look like a forum of those who could offer help and be understanding. I think it's ridiculous that some have to start out by blatantly calling a forum bs then expecting to keep the person's attention after insulting their sanity to continue reading the rest of the answer for honestly potentially great ideas. I find some of the responses to be very offensive and intimidating to have new members coming here to feel safety in numbers and hopefully find some truth to their troubles. If I weren't strong in my own beliefs I could see how it could feel often like people enjoy bullying. How can anyone feel like having an open mind in return, if they are met initially with close minded responses? Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I think you must have a huge heart to be so willing to help those with what can feel like a very terrifying and very real experience. I too have experienced sp in my teenage yrs and youth. I chose to want to educate myself. I do have a belief in paranormal whether the majority believes there is strong "proof" or not. I think I'd feel silly to believe that what we know is all there could be.. And the world is square right? Haha Jk. But I do believe that educating yourself to not believe everything is all one way because you don't want to see where the truth lies is not for me I wish that more would see your intelligence/empathetic way of going about answering most threads and take it as an example, but we're not in utopia I'm afraid.. So I suppose I'll just have to continue letting things meant towards myself and others in a negative context roll off my back and continue pressing on for the truths of this amazing universe and the equally amazing way the mind and body have the potential to work and further help us to grow!

Sorry for the babbling and thank you again for your help

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That's not babble - you are truly gracious and so full of love that you deserve many thank you's. You're so generous how you're so willing to take the time to help anyone and everyone here find their way, including me.

You're awesome Seek!! :tu:

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