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talking to myself

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Why I stay



Why I stay

People sometimes wonder why Catholics stay in the fold after so many scandals have been committed lately. The pedophiles cover up being the most recent. Well why not ask United States citizens, why they remain Americans citizens when the corruption of our politicians and government is common knowledge? Why do people still believe in the family, when in fact a great deal of harm is often done in family situations?

Perhaps it is because scandals are not allowed to take away from the purpose of the above very human institutions. I will focus on why I remain in the Church. People don’t stay because they overlook the evils done by the church. Those who follow any faith with a heart hungry for God and truth stay because they receive a kind of proof. Their faith simply ‘works’, they receive a response when they search for God. I will not allow the failures of others to drive me away from a path that I see and experience as one of truth. Human weakness and yes evilness is a given. I see it in myself and don’t know how I would react, if a great deal of power were given to me. Perhaps no one of us does. The sacraments, liturgy, devotions and my reading of scriptures are healing realities in my life and in the life of many Catholics. So why leave? The more I learn of my own inner struggles has led me to not be shocked at the failures of others. Though I can be saddened and angered over the pain such failures cause.

Many do leave and I understand that. For some it may be needed. For many however it is based on a lack of understanding on how broken we are as a species. In leaving they are cutting themselves off from a deep rich tradition, that many millions have found healing and life giving. The anger last, so in the end their relationship with the church is still deep, painful and life consuming for many.


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After reading the first sentence I thought, a few bad grapes shouldn't spoil the bunch. There are always those in religion and other institutions that are corrupt and bring negative publicity. It's those that stay strong and involved that help take away from negative images and stereotypes. :)

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