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A man awake

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Training my son, and affirmation!

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White Crane Feather


Well. I must say. When things like this happen I am hesitant to share it. Mostly because it sounds rediculously fake. If I herd it I would be skeptical, but my life is quite a bit diffrent than others. Lots of increadible things happen to me. I feel obligated to report it dimply because it's the truth.

Some of the details are starting to fade, because it's morning now and I made the mistake if not journaling imeadiatly.

After wakeing up about 2 am spontaneously, I initiated vibrations and exited. I met up with my 6 year old in the house. ( some details missing there )

When ended up takeing a walk/flight through the subdivision. I was showing him how to fly! We would fly to roof tops while I was holding his hand. Go longer and longer distances. He would jump from roof too to roof top on his own. He was his normal self, asking questions, and makeing his excitment noises. It was a lot if fun, I was beaming with pride.

Then I made a mistake. I wanted to show him that we could walk through walls and see people. I took him into the nearest house. We walked through the walls, and made our way into their living room. That's when this teenage girl dirty blond hair came into the kitchen. She was milling about doing various things. She sat down and was writing at the table. Upon looking closer she had no pen and paper. My son promptly asked "what is she doing daddy?". I told him that I think she is sleep projecting. I have seen this before. At night like a sleep walker, people project and go about their normal actions, but they are out of body but unaware.

I don't know why I did this... Perhaps I was showing off... Perhaps I was experimenting... or both. But we moved into the hall way and watched her. She got up and came into the hallway and then into the bathroom. Waited until she came out of the bathroom, then I tried to talk to her. She stoped with a bewildered look on her face. She still could not see us and she is looking about nervously. Trying to assure her that we were friendly i reached over to touch her shoulder. SHE FREEKED!!!!

She bolted down the hallway to her front door, out of instinct trying to calm her, I went after her, my son right behind me. I caught her by the wrist, and well... I dont know what I was going to do to calm her, but she wirrled around snarling and swinging and came right to me, I instinctually side steped her lunge.... And well yes she berriled right into my son. Aa my head turned I caught site of him raising his arms in defense, then poof he was gone. She continued running back down the hall way supposedly to her room. Shaking my head in my own stupidity, I ended the session.

Laying in bed in normal reality now, I was trying to figure out what to do next. I'm about to doze off, when my bedroom door opens and in come both the boys.

---are you ready for this--- I wasn't.

They start to climb in bed with us. I say "no boys, you have to go back to your own bed",

"but daddy I had a bad dream."

"ok, what was it about"

"I don't remember, but this girl was really mad at me and tried to hurt me"

My jaw almost dropped

He woke up his brother because he was scared then they both came In. They both crawled into my arms and we went back to sleep.

I supposed I should not be so shocked after all this time. Its just the first time I have had any confirmations with another person... Especially something so precise.

I was not acting responsibly. Privacy and curtousy must be maintained out of body as well as in. I violated all of that. The poor girl I probably gave her a wicked night mare, I know for a fact I gave one to my son. I have been an idiot.

If my son is to be like me, I am going to have to let his guides do their job. Me showing him things is more like a kindergardener teaching a preschooller. I worry so much if he is going to have to so all the fear work that I had to. I don't want him to go through all that. But he is a calmer soul than I am, so maby it won't be that bad.

I am forever being humbled. With such a powerful affirmation and confirmation I am in tears just writing it.

Just a few moments ago, I tried to get more info out of my son. He was still in bed with me and I was asking him questions about what the girl looked like etc etc. My wife was getting ready for work in the bathroom and I know she was listening.

She comes out and we lock eyes for a moment. She knows something has happened, she can tell by my words i guess. She wants to know, but she also dosnt. She knows I do not have a normal relationship trees, animals, and the night. She has whittnessed my sons altered states before and she knows he is like me.

All she can do is give me the look of you better be looking out for him. Sometimes i wonder if she thinks what happens to him is my Fault. Sometimes i wonder that myself. I'd tell her about the things that happen, but I think it would just be unsettling for her. Only being six, he is going to have to do all the fear work to conquer his shadow. It's not pleasent. These are the times I wish we were just normal, with this new affirmation there is a solid reality to it that is fairly heavy. It's not just me mucking around in my head anymore.

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Seeker you have the best intentions. Don't get yourself down - you can just learn from it. The little girl will probably just think it was a dream.

As she travels through life, she will learn that she has been projecting and will further experience her projections on her own and will come to realise that the experience with you was innocent.

Your wife sounds like such a wonderful woman. Even though she is giving you that look of warning, that also means that she believes you and that to me is a big sign of support, something that is not easily found in many!

We're all learning lessons and instead of being regretful, just continue to be grateful. :innocent:

PS - I think it's so awesome you and your son projected together. I'd love to do that with someone. :tu:

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Like father, like son. :P

I've seen my mom working in her office out-of-body while I was having an OBE myself... talk about a workaholic. :w00t: Could have just been a subconscious projection though.

Anyway, do you think the girl became conscious? Or was her "instinct" to defend herself?

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