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A man awake

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Another movie dream that turned very dark

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White Crane Feather


So the details are fading because yet again, I did not want to journal it a three in he morning. I'm going so summerize as briefly as I can, but it was a very detailed dream encompassing several days.

The jist of it was I was snow camping with a group of people. We hiked into the sierras. The landscapes were beautiful and hike laborious. At some point I had to bring several people back early. Then to back to the group by myself. Once I started back into the mountains the group was comeing out. But one young woman had decided to stay and wait for me. I was furious that the group would leave her behind. I went into the mountains to track her down. The others went with me even though I told them they would slow me down. I could find her faster on my own. I guess I was on some sort of guide capacity.

This is where it gets strange. At some point I discover that the girl has been taken into the spirit world. I follw her in. Somehow the others follw me in aswell. ( some sort of portal in the woods). I find her there, but there is something waiting for us. A massive dark being int form of a wickedly shaped dragon. He can trnsform into a man. He lured us to hell. I'm trying to find a way to escape. Hell looks like earth, but about a 50 feet radius around me everything sicklens turns dark and dies. It follows us where ever we are. Evenchually after a number of attempts to escape the dark dragon swollows us. My last thoughts in the stomach of the beast as its stomach acid starts to dissolve my skin was that it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would.

Yeah pretty dark. I few days ago I watched that sitcom "supernatural" not usually my style but some say it's good some say it's not. ( it's not) I know better. I am very sensitive to dark imagry and themes given dream awareness where these things have to be worked out .

The belly of the beast is a theme remeniscent of some thoughts I have had recently about being trapped by materialism and controlled by government. Sometimes I feel like our society is a beast digesting us. Any way. I'll clense myself today... Burn some sage and smugge the house. I'll mediate under my oak and ask her to obsorb the negativity and distribute it into the ground through her roots.

Darn dragon. I wish I were lucid when all that was going down. A good dragon slaying would have been in order. Mabey I'll go dragon hunting tonight.

Follow up

After some thought, I realized that traditionally the end of a shamanic awakening was to be devoured...then reborn a shaman. This revelation came to me while grounding myself under my oak tree. The cycle will be complete once I devour the serpent ( dragon) in essence devouring my shadow and that part of myself. This is going to be interesting. Tonight I will exit call upon a few guides, then I will lay back in my body and create a wake induced lucid dream. I will find that dragon and I will follow the advice of the oak.

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I wanted to comment this week earlier, but this week has been so crazy.

I TOO feel that our society has been and continues to be swallowed by consumerism, government conspiracies, religious conspiracies - and more. I'm 33 now, it's probably been in the last couple years that I have really been noticing such and I've become more vigilant since.

I wish we could go dragon hunting together! Keep us posted!

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had to smile when reading 'it didn't hurt as much as i thought it would'

i think we're exactly where we're supposed to be

so.. the neighbours cat is coming around in the mornings now ^_^

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