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talking to myself

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What is solid and secure



What is solid and secure

My line of work will not let me forget,

that the center that we stand on,

that feels so real,

is made of sand that allows all to sink into,

each moment becomes a memory,

racing towards a seeming infinite past,

our moments gone before we actually can experience them,

micro seconds at the speed of light

making all seem like the past.

Dream like our years fly by,

though real they are,

our life filled with meaning

making each tiny free choice important,

as we move towards the time

when we will disappear beneath the sands,

born into a reality more real

and eternal.

What is solid,


trustworthy against all odds,

is the the "Yes"

that God revealed

in Jesus Christ,

has for all,

drawing us all into the deepest mystery of all,

that our hearts deepest longings

point us to.


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