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talking to myself

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You never know what the day will bring



You never know what the day will bring

I was talking with a man today. He seemed nice enough, 77 years old, homeless. We helped him out a bit. As I was driving him into Atlanta he told me a strange thing, and with a smile. He related how when he was a young man he killed a man with an icepick, it was self-defense he told me. He went to jail for many years. As we talked I wondered how many of us hide things and here was a man who was willing to share a dark secret with me, or perhaps he did not think it was dark at all, just something that happened to him in life. I took him were he could get some help and returned home. I think I will pray for him, hoping he finds a place to settle down.


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Interesting story. There is a reason why homeless people are homeless. There is also a reason why we just let them be...ice picks notwithstanding...

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I see your point, but he was 77 years old, heart condition and weak. If younger, strong and agressive it would have been way different, then of course, he would have still been in prison.,



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