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talking to myself

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We are not too rational



We are not too rational

As a species, I believe we have to struggle to be rational and objective. People may fear to approach someone who is homeless, or even to attempt to help them because they fear that the person may be mentally ill and dangerous (which can be true at times)…. or that they will simply use the money they give them for destructive purposes. Then on the other hand, while driving, if someone cuts them off, they may without a second thought beep their horn, use aggressive gestures and may even cut them off, using their vehicle as a weapon in reclaiming what they perceive as stolen space. So here is a complete stranger driving a car that can be used as a weapon back at them, or the driver of the other car may have a gun, yet many persist in being aggressive on the road towards total strangers. I think it is safer to approach a homeless person to see if they need help from time to time. No, we are not too rational; we have to struggle to become that and are prone to violent actions.


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I think we have great potential for rationality, but it's often limited to thinking only your own interest. Mutual interest and interest that gives birth to interest are far more productive to invest your rational actions in.

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