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A man awake

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Journey this morning

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White Crane Feather


Well, I have been pretty busiy with other things lately.

  • Kids, business
  • wife
  • anniversary
  • phone got stolen, chased the guy using fone locator app for several miles through south lake tahoe.
  • found another metorite ( sold the small one for $1,400) it was just a pebble....sheeshhh
  • helping people on um and other places with their altered state issues
  • got a nasty stoamch flue yesterday
  • arguing with materialsts on um.....still...brings out the worst in me im afraid. Escpecially the smartasses, but its fun.

My shamnic life has been on hold it seems except for this morining and yesterday....I think i needed the break. One very intersting thing happened yesterday. Im not sure what it means but i encountered several sycronistic events during the day. Just little things that caught my attetion. I also have been haveing these images just before wakeing a patern of light and arks. Almost like a pattern of half moons interlaced in a lattuce like network. I wasnt sure what to make of it. In the past, i had a form of migrane that reminded me of it, but it was diffrent, and it was in the morning just as i was wakeing.

Yesterday while laying in bed trying to recover from this flu, I noticed that everything all of a sudden had a very strange light to it. Thats when i remembered there was a solar eclipse. I was planning to whatch it, but i had forgotton.

I jumped out of bed and yelled out the window to the kids what was happening. Then just after i did that i thought better of it. They might try to look at it. Then i yelled out, "but dont look at it".....crap. like thats is going to work. I basically told them to look at the sun.

Then i heard my oldest yell back, "dont worry we can see it". i yell back to stop looking at the sun. He yells back 'were not.' I did not not beleive him. while im struggling to get my shoes on over the blisters on my feet from meteorite hunting, i yell again "stop looking at the sun, and dont let your little brother do it".

"were not its on the house"


I did not beleive him, I could not fathom how they could see the eclipse on the house, Maby a reflection.

When i finally got out, they pointed it out to me. The sun comeing through my sacred oak was forming a net work of half moon shapes on the house. Chills ran up my spine. I had been seeing this pattern off and on for weeks now. There was no mistaking it. I stood there and watch hundreds of images of the eclipse slowly disapear to a normal pattern of light through the tree on my house. All i could do is just stand there in awe.

This morning, after a sleepless night, i initiated journey meditations. After a few moments i felt every thing shift. It was odd. no vibrations. I could not tell if I was ready to exit. I knew i was altered, but no vibrations what so ever. I opened my eyes.

Whooohhhhh. I was looking at my blanket....but it was like i was looking through a microsope. My vision, third eye, conciousness...whatever had dived into the fibers of the blanket. I knew i was altered. but how? I sat up. I looked aroung it was morning, my wife was prepping for work, and she was carrying the baby around with her. Hmmmmmm I must not be OOB yet. I laid back down. No. It did not feel right. I did not feel like i was in normal reality.

I got out of bed and looked back. There i was still lying there. Wow. I was out. no vibrations, no floating nothing.

I did not really have anything extreem to do, so i just played with the baby. He was laughing and talking and reaching for me. All those anecdotes about babies being able to see spirits, Im convinced its true. His mother was obliviouse. Just his normal antics.

all in all an interesting couple of days. Not sure what any of it means. if anything. My guess is that my break is over. I tend to project more in the summer. Possibly because the earlyer morenings prep me better. Some of my most interesting journeys have come after running my summer camps and comeing home to meditate or nap for a while. Time will tell. I am planning a long trip in july. typically it would be a vision quest for the year, but i have a feeling my kids will be with me this time.

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