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A man awake

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Good morning from God

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White Crane Feather


Wow. In sitting on the sofa blogging this minutes after.

This morning I have been unusually sleepy. There was no reason for it. Just sleepyness. I slept fine, but I felt like I needed way more sleep. I took care of the kids and they were plaing. Finally my mother was up and I asked her if she could watch the baby for a while. for some reason I needed to rest.

Laying on the coach my six year old and 5 year old kept comeing over to me and being unusually affectionate kissing, hugging, scratching my back, tickling my feat etc etc. . Not sure why really. As Im laying there I get the feeling that this is no accident. This powerful sleepiness is a call to journey. I did not think it would work. A 5 and 6 year old playing around me is a tremendouse raket. I was wrong. I was slipping through layers of conciousness in moments. I was slipping so fast dream imagery if I did not hault I would soon be asleep. Images. I dove into the very fiber of the wood of a tree. I saw a cartoon animation of some sort of skull ( seemed demonic---just related to some arguments I have been havering about demons).

I haulted myself, still convinced it wasnt goin to happen. Then I got up. I was fairly convinced I got up physically because I was listening to my 5 year old talk. I paused for a second and searched for astral vibrations. I found them deep inside. Knowing I was no longer in the physical I went to watch the kids play. An amazing appreciation for my love for them came over me. It slmost moved me to tears. Then I decided to continue with my experiments with vortexes. I turn to the wall and dive my thoughts into it. ( oh I did not blog my last attempt sorry). The typical smoky shimmering starts, but this time there is a sort of white noise look to it, like when analogue televisions go out.

That's when I hear it... Or rather felt it. A powerful form of innervoice communication. Very very strong. ---what are you doing?....this is pointless ----

I stop and turn around. My son is standing there in the hallway. He is bigger. It's not really him.my actual son is still playing with my other son behind him. This is not the first time a spirit guide has taken the form of a family member.

Recognizing that I now know its him the boy ( a very old spirit teacher) smiles at me and nods his head recognizing that I understand.

He turns to the closet door and opens it. Instead of there being a closet , it opens up to a mirror image of my house. Complete with the kids playing and everything. I spend a few moments looking at the kids playing and back to to the this side and comparing. They are doing exactly the same things just mirror image. ( the boy has disappeared but I barely notice) my exact thoughts are --No ******* way!!!!--- I think I even mouthed it.

I thought I would be anxiouse stepping through, but I wasn't.

Once there I walked to the sliding glass door I was shocked to see people outside everywhere. Mostly parents playing with Their children, friends discussing things, and some lovers makeing out and touching each others. Again I mouth some vulger words of amazement---WTF--. I wanted to Get a better look. I step outside and take a flight over my mirror image neighborhood. They are everywhere thousands of people enjoying the company of other people. Specifically loved ones.

There also is this amazing Tingingling warmth comeing from the sun. --- I know that feeling--- I was 11 years old the first time I encountered it.

I turned to the light and let it penetrate me. I could feel myself start to disintegrate in to the pure warmth.. ---- oh no--- I stop it. --I don't want to merge. I don't go back with anything--- I'm thinking outward now . Like speaking to God.

The warmth fades to just a trickle on my skin, then I fly down and land. I'm still in this place of people enjoying each other. Im walking back to my house quite shocked to see a couple makeing love in the middle of the street, but I'm sure that's not where they think they are. It's all like a Melding of realities

---is this heaven?--- ---yes--- A response from that strong telepathic voice. Im walking into my house. I am no longer in 3d reality. My kids notice me and come up to me smiling.

----- is this real--- are these kids really them? ---yes--- the voice anticipating my next thought. ---it dosnt matter how. It is them. You share---

I can't explaine what happened next. I was made to understand but not with words or images just a flood of relationship information. We will have the opertunity to live inside of every moment that we choose. It's not an illusion? There is no time for any of us. When we choose to live an experience it really is the other soul also choosing to live it with us. And it does not have to be an experience from physical life it can be new!!!!!

Why now? I asked ----- because you wanted to come back with something--

In complete and utter awe my trance fades. Something is rubbing me on my nose. As my eyes open its my six year old. He is giving me an Indian kiss ( rubbing noses). I ask him why he was Doing that while I was "sleeping". He said " because you are crying daddy... Did you have a nightmare?" noticing my face is wet, I say "no booba. ( his nick name) It was a good dream". I hug him in even more awe realizing that this to is a moment in eternity that will never be lost. The Tibetan death meditation is wrong. We keep everything.

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Recommended Comments

Just amazing.... Truly...

I am amazed with quite a few of your posts, mainly "Another visit to pure creation" and this one here.

I would like to know though, when you said:

"When we choose to live an experience it really is the other soul also choosing to live it with us. And it does not have to be an experience from physical life it can be new."

How did you mean that exactly? Is it in the sense for example, that if you are with someone of your choosing in a lucid or vivid dream, that you have had moments in history with, that they by chance also choose to be in that non-physical realm with you as well?

If I interprated this wrong, please let me know. ♥

As most of what I have read so far, has honestly intrigued me to no end. =)

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White Crane Feather


The other place is timeless. Think about what that means for a second..... Yes your spirit is an eternal constant. The way I understood it is that ( for lak of the limitations of language) you can be every where at once. At any time. When you are spending time with a loved one it's a choice of the spirit... It never stops. Time does not exist. When duality has evaporated then every moment is always happening. Sort of like being able to multiply yourself and do everything you want in one instant. I hope I explained it ok.

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White Crane Feather


So this has the affect of you being your own spirit guide... Your higherself. That part of you that is aware of all your moments.

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