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A man awake

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Another visit to pure creation

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White Crane Feather


Me and the kids fell asleep on the sofa again. We are having problems keeping the upstairs cool, so it's much cooler downstairs for sleeping. Of course I never sleep well when the kids are by me.

It must have been about 3 am. I woke up. Got some water. Then I decided to take the journey. It was nearly instant. I don't think I have ever fallen into trance so fast. I felt the necessary shift in conciousness then I got up ( I just get up these days as a exit technique). Of course I felt I may have gotten up physically, but a quick search for vibrations shows that indeed I am not in physical. I go outside and walk into the night. Beautiful life currents are running through the trees and and plants and the sounds of the might are amplified like a song. Strange I can't see the stars. It's summer their should be no clouds. I wondered for a moment if I created them.

I try to fly, but for some reason my mind is still concerned with these clouds that shouldn't be there. I sort of sputter and am not able to take off. Then I just lay back and expect my higher self or that angle to take over. Nope again I just float a second then come down.

That's when I say to myself, --this is rediculouse, I have flown hundreds of times---

Then i just do it. I give up all mental cloudiness and shoot off into the night sky. I'm still low to the ground, but I have perfect control. Why must I let doubt creep into my thoughts?

Anyway, I decide to go back to heaven. I simply decide that after I crossover the next hill reality will shift to heaven. It did without a hitch.

I come upon a beautiful sparkling landscape next to an ocean. I fly along it's coast for a bit. No sign of anyone else. Just me. The ocean waves are huge, but not threatening. They churn and boil with a deep blue color to the water. The sky is lit but yet I can still see a deep starfield. ---Wow! I wish others could see this.---

I land on a beech. The waves boil up the beech. And inside of the tiny bubbles ( don't ask me how) I can see intertangled fillaments of GALAXYS!! Every bubble has them. looking down the beech I'm struck with with the most incredible awe knowing that all of those boiling bubbles in the white water of the waves are universes full of galaxies full of stars and full of life. After walking on that beech for a while, I turn to walk home. I did not want to fly. I turn away from that ocean and start a treck a cross the landscape. I look back at the ocean and I wished I could take it with me. Then quit suddenly the ocean rises up and is at my feat again. I was alarmed for about 2 seconds with natural instincts to run if a large body of water moves toword you. I quickly put those anxieties down. obviously there is no danger.

I reach down and let the leading edge of the surf to wash over my hand, and I get the sensation the the ocean is glad for my company almost like...well.... A dog or my one year old. A deeply innocent love for my attention.

I make a motion for the ocean to go ahead and follow me home. A sort of come on motion with my hand. As I walk back to that hill the surf follows me. Still boiling and turning out universes. I turn back to the water and motion stop. I'm a bit saddened. Im feeling it's emotions. I remind it that I am in one of its bubbles and that I am deeply aware of its presence. Them I am beginning to realize I am the child. Look at me standing in the presence of the great spirit, yet I'm telling it not to follow me home. How silly is this?

I look back at the ocean In wonderment. I know the ocean does not feel slighted that my attention has to turn elsewhere but now that I am fully aware of the relationship, I can't help but wonder if I'm doing or thinking something wrong. Should I niell and prey? I'm treating this wonderful eternal conciousness like a pet!!!! In most religions that's grounds for damnation.

The ocean once again rises for the surf to swirl at my feet, and. And now I can sense it's response. There is no point in such musings we are just here.

Again feeling a deep penetrating love. I turn and walk over the hill. The water follows me up until I cross into my yard. I look back one more time but the veil has been dropped its my neighbors yard. I decide to not wake up normally. I reach down into myself and dive all the way through the layers of conciousness until I find sleep.

I wake up this morning and it took a few minutes to remember. I got up and got some water, then gasped as the water jogged my memory.

Strangely a marine layer has created an overcast condition. I have never seen that happen in late June where I live .... Ever.

Quite a Morning!!

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Wow...this just blew my mind. Just yesterday I was watching a show on quantum physics with a really great physics professor, Michio Kaku. He has a pretty cool book called, Physics of the Impossible. Anyhow on this show, he was describing some quantum physics theories and sure as I type this he was referring to bubbles of universes. and that there would/could be a sea of bubbles, each containing a separate (but possibly parallel) universe in each bubble. And the sea being in itself infinite....I was literally just telling my brother about it on the phone today, and now through our correspondence, came to read you blog and am reading your exact experience. thank you.

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White Crane Feather


Your mind is being blown a lot lately..... That's a good thing. Just wait until you are standing there yourself. Yup paradime change if there ever was one :)

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Amazing... I am sitting here attempting to picture this grand scenerio in my mind, and I know no matter how hard I try, am not giving it even a fraction of justice...♥

Just an incredibly vivid take on another realm, of perhaps an alpha realm, and how strangely possible it really is...

I dream for the day (no pun intended) that I may do these things, and experience such feats...

I long to astral project, to have controlled lucid dreams, as I feel I am surely meant for something supernatural and that its attempting to take hold of my psyche somehow...

As if its trying to shake me into the knowledge of "it".

All of what you explained, and how it acted and what you both felt, just astonishes me... Truly...♥

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White Crane Feather


I'm so glad Somone else can enjoy it. Thank you. I must admit somedays I find myself just spacing out list in the memory.

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