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A man awake

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Floated out this morning

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White Crane Feather


I used the float out exit technique this morning. It is a very profound swnsation. It seems like you float of your bed while wide awake... very cool .Did some flying, went downstairs to see my niece getting ready for work ( she lives with us). Nothing crazy. ( well besides the whole flying around business :) )

A couple of things to report. I think there is something wrong with my root chakra. ( I know this is funny but) I felt as if Somone was holding onto my crotch area a hard pressure in the whole area. I tried a few times to push it away, but for some reason it persisted. I ignored it but it never really went away.

Also I think my baby crashed into me in the astral. I had just returned when I hear his crying then wam something crashes into me. It shocked me back to normal reality. I look over at him. He is asleep on the otherside of the bed, ( wife went for a run) and seconds latter he wakes up crying. Then I say to him while binging him closer to me "hmmm haveind some control issues are we little one"


If anyone has any clue about that hard pressure in my groin area please let me know. It was very annoying.. I have had it once before also.

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These are interesting post, thanks for sharing. Have no idea what the pressure means unless it was to go to the bathroom, which from how you stated it was not.



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Is it not creepy that you're watching your niece get ready for work? I'm not sure what you see when you project, if it's like remote viewing or if you're seeing things more spectrally. Since I've only done remote viewing (a few times, kind of happened on its own) and never projected/floated out, I'm not sure what the experience is like.

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White Crane Feather


Being somewhere astrally is just like being their normally. There can be detail problems. We are not actually viewing with our eyes, so there are bound to be inturpretation problems.

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