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talking to myself

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Thinking of God



Thinking of God

I can think of God as merely being some kind of super human being, more loving, and forgiving, but in the long run really not much different than I am. In other words I tend to make God into my image and likeness, which again can be hurtful to my prayer life, and my intimacy with God. When I

do this I take away from the “otherness” of God, from the infinite nature of His love, and then God can also take on my dark side. When this happens, the love of God is not experienced as infinite, but his anger and wrath are. Since fear and trust cannot exist side by side, trust is lost and my relationship suffers, since intimacy with someone who is not trustworthy is impossible. All that can be done is to placate the one feared. Prayer becomes a way of keeping God at a distance, instead of drawing me deeper into a loving, and trusting relationship.

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Alienated Being


*Sigh* Yeah, that's right - "God" is loving, and unforgiving. That's why the holocaust happened, right? He is loving. You would think that an individual who created such a life form would be more CARING as to not allow such atrocities to take place in society. You would think that an individual who is so forgiving would not convince Abraham to kill his own son, Isaac, in order to prove his love to him - he would forgive him for that.

This "god" does not exist. What you have read in the bible is all nonsense. I honestly can't believe that people actually believe into this nonsensical garbage. Without religion, this world would be a much better place to live in.

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