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A man awake

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Another one for the good guys.

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White Crane Feather


Children are so incredible. In traditional societies children like this were identified early as shaman, and were accepted and given a framework to live happily within their tribe. Unfortunately we have repressed these parts of our existence and kids like this often grow up with many problems.

This youngster is so lucky to have a dad that's actually looks for information and makes an effort to understand. Awesome

A message he sent to me. I am do thrilled to see this happening.

"So I think my son is also a natural for this.  I talked more with him tonight and he confirmed some things he had experience without me even explaining what you and I had discussed or what I had previously read in the forum. (After his recollection of things, I did give him some info, in a very casual way)...well he was all eager ears.

He stated:

a feeling of being pinned down or couldn't quite move his arms and legs, but being awake (not in a horrible way, just a "I couldn't move" way - not a negative explanation at all like some people recant about negative forces holding you down)

"seeing" a dark form that had eyes looking at him - he was not afraid.

- something dark hovering near the ceiling one time near the ceiling fan.

(He asked me if that has happened to others and I told him for these experiences, it was quite normal and he should never be afraid.  He even knew about lucid dreaming without knowing what the name was.  About how the mind could be awake while the body sleeps and he heard that you could even control what happens.  this from a 9 year old who never talked with me about the "whys" of it.)

-jolting himself awake on purpose to free himself.  felt it was a dream but was somehow awake.

so, remembering what you said, I started to tell him a couple of things that happened to me and how he shouldn't be afraid.  He immediately interjected that he knew that "Dad...the dark figures or what some other people call demons, are just the things they are afraid of I think and they are not real demons"  Seeker, I was like holy ****!!! this kid already knows more than me, we never had talked about that aspect-ever.  I think he learned some from TV but he is wiser than any 9 year old I ever knew (not just cause he my kid either)  He is exceptionally bright and super open to all things spiritual.  

He also went on to say how much he liked the experiences and that he really really wanted to communicate with spirits. BADLY. lol.

I then just took it all in and told him how, if it happens again, to not be afraid if he feels stuck or paralysed again, and in that moment, he can reassure himself that nothing bad will happen to him and if he just tells himself to go with the flow, the panic of not being able to move or if he feels something is looking at him, can let that fear flow away and not to worry.  He was so receptive the next thing he said was, "I hope it happens tonight dad. I want to control my dream and travel places and fly"  He is amazing. really.

We share a lot of the same qualities, old family friends call him mini-----.  My other younger son is so opposite of him in his own ways.

Anyhow, just wanted to share. I could tell there was a sense of relief that came over him when I told him I had some same experiences.   I was paraphrasing above of course, but it was such a fun relaxed conversation and he is completely fearless with all of it, and has a sense of wonder about it.  He knows already what astro projection is and his open mind is wanting so bad to know more without hesitation."

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