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A man awake

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Good news !

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White Crane Feather


Well it turns out my breast problem is probably the result of some sort of hormonal imbalance. It's not cancerous. Shewwwww!!!! I think I overreacted a bit, but it is still a weight of my shoulders. I can go back to thinking forward.

The strange thing is that is that I had he toughest time convincing the specialist that I was not taking some sort of work out steroid. These types of Imbalances in men my age, 33, are usually a result of hormones for body building. I have NEVER taken anything like that. I'm still not sure she beleives me.

I do take a few minor herbal teas here and there.

This particular problem is usually the result of a testosterone change. Probably to the lower in my case. I asked her if stress can cause this, and she pretty much told me stress can cause anything.

It is interesting that the week before I was experiencing a tugging on my crotch area while OOB. Sudden psycic gave me a reading in pm, where it was mentioned that there is some sort of struggle happening with my yin and yang forces. It does seem related. About a year ago I blew my knee out and had a baby pretty much at the same time. I take care of the baby and my other boys during the day and run my classes at night. I have fallen out of shape this year because of my knee, and takeing care of kids. My business is exploding I have children and family's running out of my ears. I think it's starting to catch up with me. I have an over active adrenal system anyway. My blood pressure can go from 130/80 to 160/100 simply based on who is taking my blood pressure. You should have seen the nurses taking my blood pressure and arguing over it. The funny thing is that they ended up taking it together and it was an average of the two.

Unfortunately the prolonged stress and having to deal with 100s of people everyday I'm starting to fear is pointing me to an early grave. There is no let up in sight. I think my body is warning me to find a way to mitigate the stress levels. As soon as the kids are back in school they have different schedules and it's up to me to get them back and forth while taking care of the baby, then bringing the older ones with me to work for their training.

I think I just want to retire and grow a garden. I'll be guiding 3 people into the Sierra nevad this weekend, maby I'll get a chance to meet with the boy and see what he says.... Oh who am I kidding!!! He only going to say what he always says. ----you already know the answer---- spirits have become predictable.

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So glad to hear, yo! And yes, your body is warning you -- screaming, actually.

I'm kind of new to UM, what does the boy say? Who is he?

Have the spirits said anything about seeing a shaman, energy healer or sound healer? I sense past life issues as part of this and that you're being presented with opportunities to work out quite a bit of old business now rather than deal with it over the course of multiple lifetimes. As I type this sentence and the one before, my palm chakras are going kuh-RAY-zee.

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Simbi Laveau


You should do something to calm your body . Meditation,tai chi ,yoga .

And stuff like acupuncture,craniosacral therapy ,and chi gong ,done by a pratitioner,can help a lot too.They balance your yin and Yang,after all .

You should look into them .

Glad to hear you're fine otherwise .

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