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talking to myself

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What does the Incarnation say about God's relation to the world? Perhaps it is a truth that has always been at work. What does that mean? On the cross we see our souls, Christ bears our pains, feels what we feel; our despair he knows, from each one of us. Is this what the Incarnation means or again is it only the surface leading us into the mystery of the immanence and love of God? Christ, is he showing the relationship that the Father has always had with us? Christ also calls God our Father? So even though God is beyond all concepts, yet in revealing himself he uses metaphors we can understand. Fatherhood is one of them and he shows us the father archetype in its most sterling attributes. Perhaps motherhood and fatherhood are one of the most powerful indicators pointing to how God relates to the world, times infinity. Though we can twist that to say the opposite, for many, the Christian revelation is not good news at all, but something to be avoided at all cost and despised. If that is true, whose fault is that? It is certainly not the critics, though they can also fall into the trap of stereotypical thinking. Perhaps no one is free from that trap; I certainly am not.


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