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A man awake

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My trip

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White Crane Feather


Back from my trip. I was busy guiding and teaching the young guys that went with me. I made one attempt at the journey, but it was pointless. There were to many things to attend to to get my mind in the right place.

We were in the Carson Ice burg wilderness in CA. I was teaching aboriginal skills and survival techniques. It is a majestic place with wonderful mountains and canyons. The only thing I really learned is how out of shape I have fallen in the last few years. My upper body strength for waterfall climbing was gone, and hiking out of deep canyons nearly wiped me out. I felt a twinge of embarrassment because the young guys got ahead of me, when I'm the guide, but did have surgery in oct, so I had some ready made excuses.

The reason this is relative is because, I think this is my problem. My activity level has been way down since taking care of my kids all the time and my injuries. It's time to bring back the old seeker, and I'm certain these imbalances will correct themselves. Nothing is an accident the timeing for everything is a communication.

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Tell me about it. If I don't get some decent exercise soon I may die much younger than I planned. Besides the wilderness is not really there as a challenge as much as it is to be enjoyed and shared responsibly. Which you seem to be doing great at.

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