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A man awake

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Projected out this morning, new experience.

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White Crane Feather


This morning I was up early. I cooked my wife steak and eggs before she went to work and then went back to bed. The baby was laying on my arm so after vibrations I projected straight up I felt my astral body disintegrate. I really did not want to loose the depth I had obtained by stopping to move the baby so I did it one more time. This time I lt the energy of the vibrations course up and down my body. It is wonderful. Sort of like thousands of little organisms all over your body. I brought myself out of trance. Moved the babies head over and wen back. It took a little while because I was becoming more alert, but I made it back to vibration.

I exited, but the strangest thing happened. One of my eyes had opened and I could see Very clearly with that eye yet my astral body was across the room looking back at myself. It was a very very awkward thing. I was experiencing the duel awareness i have sought for so long. I was aware of my physical self yet it was foreign because it felt like I should not be there. My astral body was in the right place but my physical awareness new that the it wasn't supposed to be there. I can't explaine it accurately. Being in two places at once and one side feeling like it shouldnt be there. My physical body could not see my astral, but my astral could see my physical with one I opened. I walked over and waived my hand I front of the physical to get me to shut my eye. It was a bit uncomfortable.

Having cleared that up I took a flying leap through the walls into my front yard. A very bright and beautiful morning. I'm always shocked at the Clairity of Being OOB in some ways even more clear than normal reality.

There was a termInix guy spraying a neighbors yard. I followed him about a bit. Which was funny because he kept looking over his shoulder. I guess I was freaking him out a bit. On some levels we know when we are bein watched. Then I went to my garden to check on the tomatoes. Their not doing so well.... Being out of body I decided to ask them why. The impression was that my drip system needs to by the ground not on the trellises.

My trance faded and I was back in bed. I jumped up and ran downstairs to see if the terminix guy was still there. Nop darn it. That would have been a nice confirmation.

I would like to develop duel conciousness more. It did feel a little uncomfortable for my physical self.

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So if I am understanding correctly, the baby was keeping you from projecting?

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White Crane Feather


Yes purely a subjective thing. The problem with awareness is that you end up being aware :)........ Of everything!!! In honesty I started out in doubt that I could project peacefully with a child in my arms. If you read back in these blogs I have been out when a three year old jumps on me. It's pure chaos.

Imagine standing in your living room and some spectral force ( your three year old plowing into your physical body) launches you across your room in astral. We are never fully disconnected from the physical. ( I have never seen the silver cord ).

So yeah. I knew better. I was just being lazy, and I didn't want to wake him up and pretty much end any sort of meditation for the morning. I have several important things to attend to and was hopeing for a visit ;)

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