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talking to myself

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Isolated worlds



Isolated worlds

From looking into the heart and seeing the inner struggle there

the reality of what hell is comes strongly into the light,

the seeds planted deeply cultivated by each new generation,

splashed upon our TV screens for all the world to see.

Formed by lies our cultures cultivate presenting them as truth,

the innocent young minds twisted by the current prevailing world view,

cultures scapegoats showing each other their shadow, worn by others,

allows hate and contempt to grow with impunity.

Hells are isolated worlds created on lies presented as truth,

the dehumanization allowing cruelty to flourish and grow,

lulling the conscience to slumber and humanity die

one person at a time.


The question often asked in pain and rage

shaking fist reach up to heaven seeking another scapegoat

on which to hang our responsibility and our sins

and yes our ignorance we don’t have the courage to face.

Mirrors are made for a reason, the reflection serves a purpose,

to look, observe, and change what is reflected back,

allowing our common natures to grow in self knowledge,

empathy and compassion;

the key to escape the maze we have created

by convoluted thinking twisted by fear and hate.

Love and hate reside within, another neighbor violence,

causing havoc and pain around the world,

we stoke our own fire that burns us without mercy,

our wars, racial and religious hatreds feeds the smoke ascending,

our screams rise before a loving and forgiving God

who out love entered our underworld.

So look at the cross and see your soul

carried by God to the plank our pain bearing

the ultimate scapegoat hated and despised

yet only forgiveness and love given in return.

Is God to be feared,

his rage should we flee from?

Or perhaps it is just us we should learn to fear,

for we cannot flee from ourselves

but only eat the bitter fruit grown on the tree of good and evil.

Seeking results than only lead to further suffering

trapped in cycles we cannot seem to stop

tied to the wheel endlessly turning

which only love and self forgiveness can release,

yet we seek it not.

Jesus wept


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