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talking to myself

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Withstanding the desire for revenge



Withstanding the desire for revenge

Mercy like patience takes practice. As a species we can be more inclined towards justice (or revenge) when applied towards others, and reserve mercy for ourselves. We all seek to be understood, but to understand others can be an uphill climb, difficult and arduous. Justice can be applied when mercy is also not forgotten. Self knowledge, the ability to look within and see what lurks there is not always easy. Yet when practiced it allows mercy to flower and true justice. Revenge is not justice, in making oneself judge, jury and executioner, true justice is impossible. Jesus judges with justice only those who refuse mercy. To receive mercy there has to be a deep understanding of the nature of wrong doing. So mercy can only be understood by the one receiving it by having a sense of responsibly for wrong doing and harm done to others….an often painful process. Mercy given to one who does not know they need mercy, is helpful only for the one giving it, the one receiving may not benefit at all. Some look upon mercy as a weakness, when it fact it can be the greatest form of strength there is. It takes courage to withstand the understandable desire for revenge, which in the end only adds to the chaos of the world and the continuing cycle of pain, suffering and yes destruction.


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It's painful :(

I want revenge, but if I had to choose between dying and taking revenge, I'd gladly choose dying.

But life is about learning and change, so I might change my mind one day, painful as it is.

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