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A man awake

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Another Epic Dream

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White Crane Feather


blog-0376483001349088602.jpgAnother Grand Epic

Its 2 am. Having just woken up from another grand epic of a dream, I feel the need to write this on my laptop do get it out. If I go back to sleep some of these details wills be lost forever. That would be such a shame.

I just woke up from a grand scenario. It was a simple setting. A fairly remote museum like facility. It was gloomy with intermittent rain. The viewing area was fairly small but the surrounding grounds to support the viewing area fairy large. Here is the deal. This viewing area is to view zombies. Yes this is a post recovered world from a zombie apocalypse, and this facility has the last zombies and is open to view them.

The viewing area is much like a zoo. The tourists stand on top of this large balcony overlooking the zombie yard. It is partially indoors and outdoors. (presumably for bad weather). I am there as a tourist. But not just one. Like other dreams of this sort, I am every person. At first I am a singular consciousness observing events, but soon I start to shift amongst all the various characters.

Of course, like any good zombie movie, there is going to be an escape of the zombies. In fact standing there, I was in full expectation of what was about to transpire. Much like a a director, I think I made it happen.

It starts off simple. One of the workers manages to get bitten. This zombie infection is much like the rage virus on “28 Days”. From bite to zombie is fairly fast, and zombies are actually alive and can still be killed by normal means.

The worker quickly transfers the infection to others, and it spreads throughout the facility and into the tourists. There is a massive lock down, and soon the entire area is infected with pockets of survivors trying to save themselves.

I can possibly convey the incredible nature of my shifting between characters. There are dozens of them. I am so amazed at my minds ability to hold all these scenarios that seem to be happening simultaneously. Even as I write, I feel some of them start to slip away from my memory. My waking mind just does not have the capacity. A short list of the major events and players.

--The athletic and humorous dog fighter: This character, while attempting to gain high ground was confronted by a huge zombie infected dog. It looked like a massive great Dane. ( reminiscent of resident evil actually). It was an epic struggle. This man was strong and athletic. I could jump and climb. I had access to all my martial arts knowledge and used an extensive arsenal of kicks fending off the large monster. The battle involved holding my ground on top of cars, wrestling with the thing trying to not get bit, climbing buildings only to find that the dog could find its way up as well. All the while, I was having this humerus internal dialogue. I would crack jokes about the dog, and talk to it like an old sparring partner. At some point I realized I was not going to make it. I had been bitten several times, and I noticed that the struggle was being viewed by a crowed of tourists that had managed to hold up on top of one of the tall buildings. In a very short time, I wold be a zombie as well, but I wanted to go out well, so I decided to make my battle with the huge dog more of a martial arts show. Complete with fancy kicks, amazing acrobatic feats, and yes even a bow to the crowed as I felt the virus work its magic on me.

At some point I slipped into the consciousness of one of the on lookers, and I felt his admiration for the warrior below.

The cowardly female security officer turned hero:

This character was an employee of the facility as a security officer who was armed and trained for just this sort of scenario. She was part of a team of officers with specific duties to hunt and kill all the zombies before they cold escape out into the rest of the world. Her attitude was one of complete terror. In fact, she was looking for an opportunity to abandon her post and make a run for it herself. She felt, she did not sign up for this. It was supposed to just be a job. I was with her from start to finish. It was an epic transformation, from dainty high maintenance female who used her gun and status to impress men, but was a cowered on the inside, to a bloody and tattered hero. It was a long struggle and It would be a book to get into every scenario, but like any good movie, her team was slowly picked off until she was alone. And it was her sole responsibly to prevent another apocalypse. Broken and battered, she obtained the opportunity and keys to the locked down facility and started to make a get away. Somewhere in her mind at the last second, an image of a child she loves somewhere. Not her own, possibly a niece, or best friends child flashed through her mind. There was a pause. I guess her maternal instincts took over. Her mind went blank. She turned around bloody and wet from the rain. Her hair was caked onto her cheek from blood and mud, she had a severe limp from some sort of sprained ankle. (Which her previous inability to tolerate had gotten a couple of her team mates killed and turned into zombies.) She walked back into the fray determined to kill every zombie and save everyone she could. I have this last image of her standing in a muddied road in a downpour at night with the last zombie under her boot. I was with her the whole time. Every kill, every save. In the end she separated all the tourists and secured them in holding rooms designed just for this, and killed every zombie. Being in her was my lesson to. I felt the change and the empowerment as if it were me.

The trapped mom:

This character was trapped underneath some sort of walk way. On her back under planks. She spent the entire saga in terror. She could hear all the battles happening just above her. She was discovered a few times by zombies, their teeth just inches from her. Her entire experience was one of an internal dialog. Mostly just coping strategies of thinking about her family and meditating on her life. She was eventually rescued by the hero above.

There were more:

The ingenious kid

The old couple facing death with dignity and unity

the comic relief that broke his leg in a fall, and could only joke.

Stereo types? Archetypes?

There were at least a dozen, but I can feel them and the details fading away from me as I write. I was with them all throughout the whole thing: Every thought and every feeling. Even some of their memories as they self reflected. The mother reflected upon giving birth. I have the memory!!!!! The burning, and deep intense aching. I can remember her heart pounding just as if it were mine. Amazing!!!

Why does this happen? I just lived a horror movie from a dozen perspectives, yet I feel uplifted. I feel strong. Their experiences are my own. I feel like they are accessible. I feel like a seasoned Zombie Killer. Sheeshhh to many movies over the years I guess!

Does this happen all the time, but I just cant remember? So many images, so much life.

As I contemplate the grand reality of all this, I can only marvel at the human mind and spirit. What amazing creatures we are. Not just in mind, but in character. Even though this is just a dream, things like this have happened in war or other violent events. Just amazing. I'm in tears, and I have to thank the great spirit for my gift of awareness.

Its 3:35 am. I feel like a journey is coming. There is a spirit here with me, I can feel it. I have rolling bands of goosebumps pulsing up and down my spine. I wish I could just talk to them without all the hoopla of meditating to vibrations then exit, but I m no medium.

The night is young for me. This lesson is not over.

God bless.

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