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A man awake

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Still flooded with constant dreams. I fought a dragon again last night.

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White Crane Feather


Amoung they myrid of dreams i can remember now, i thought this one was the most interesting. It started off with my son and I seeing this distant swirling cloud formation. There were tiny funnel clouds comeing out of the formation. My son has a an interest in tornados and they have ways made interesting appearances in my dreams. The cloud formation itself was solid and vortex like.

As it got closer, I got somewhat worried and brought my son indoors. Once the storm reached the apartment building we were hideing in ( In the dream it was our home though I have never seen it before) I could see that there were smaller vortexes comeing out of it.

I witnessed these giant claw like pincers take a child from one of the other apartments. At this point I knew there was something ominous in the cloud. War of the worlds meets independence day I guess. I hide my son and myself in a closet. I had him crawl up into the back of my shirt and pop his head out. I then took other cloths and tied them tight around both of us. This secured him to me like a back pack. If he was going to get taken I was going with him.

I left the door slightly open so I could watch the window. I did not want to be surprised by anything. Sure enough a large scaly arm searched the room. I knew it would find the closet because I watched it search under the bed and the dresser. When it was on the other side of he room we made a dash for another room. We kept up this cat and mouse for a while until the the thing moved on. But just as I thought it was safe, a dragon like creature, presumably a smaller version... A child of the larger thing came through one of the windows. I fought with it with a samurai sword that has been a spirit weapon for me since I was a child. I evenchually impailed it.

We then made a run for it In case it came back. As I was leaving the parking lot a group of kids on bikes were chasing he storm. I tried to stop them, but they would not listen they kept ridding toward certain death. With a loud shout I yelled "stop" and a pressure wave came from my mouth knocking them all off their bikes. This jolts me in lucidity. Realizing I'm dreaming now I raise my hand and like a super power I move all the cars in the parking lot to block their paths.

After realizing the futility of saveing the lives of dream characters I wake up.

HOLY CRAP! Who needs Netflix. My dreams are more entertaining than any movie and I get to participate. They are so vivid. I actually feel like I can wield a sword in battle with a dragon!!!! Of course I own a martial arts school and train people on the samurai sword, Chinese broadsword, and Nan Dao ( southern broad sword), but this is a lot more fun than swinging them around in the air.

Awesome !!!!

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Dude,you need to get yerself some action . impaling anything on a sword,in a dream, for a man,with violent overtones,is sexual frustration of some kind.


The fact you were defending your kid,makes me think you want another child as well .

I could be wrong...but.....you let me know .

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White Crane Feather


I teach martial arts for a living. I handle swords everyday like most people handle computers. I have three boys and will get a vesectomy. Swordsmanship has been a passion of mine for most of my life.

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Yeah,me too ,but I dont dream about the swords.

I'm a black belt in both aikido and Xing yi chuan .

It's symbolic in dreams . It's some sort of frustration ,especially if you impaled something mythic .

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