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A man awake

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Witch attack

White Crane Feather


Last night me and the boys were playing downstairs and they fell asleep on the sofa. I fell asleep on the floor right in front of them.

Quit suddenly I woke up to this loud cackling noise. A quick look and there are all these stero typical looking witches surrounding us cackling. I leap to my feet, now realizing I'm either dreaming or OOB. They have no eyes.

I raise my hands and flood the room with white light dispersing them. Then I walk around the house a bit floodeding every corner of the house with light. Then I go back and wake up.

Eyeless old evil things almost always is an omen of a flue. Now one of the boys just got over one, but These things were different. Glad I have been dosing on vitamin c. I did not like that sound and previous eyeless entities were more like zombies. These things were more animated. We will see, I have stocked up on children's Advil, garlic, ginger, musterd, and chicken bullion cubes. Let the good times roll.


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White Crane Feather


Just to add to this, shortly after that my family has been nearly constantly sick since the holidays, roto viruses, croup, ear infections flues. I think we are on the tail end if it but what a few months this has been. I should find ways to head these omens better, but my preparations did pay off. I have had plenty of fevor reducers handy and stored along with electrolyte replacements, and natural remedies handy. It's been one of the worse flue seasons in recent years here, and it started right after this vision. I will pay more attention next time.

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White Crane Feather


Oh I forgit to mention its costed my insurance company nearly $10,000. Between a visit to the er on christmass eve ( croup related) to visits to our doctor and treatments. Shewwww thank god for good insurance. Don't let me complain about how expensive it is, it has paid off big time.

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