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talking to myself

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Why would they?



Why would they

People, who are at peace with themselves and know themselves, don't need to gossip, why would they? The more I am aware of my own inner struggles and failures, the less I need to look down on others, since I know that they are mirrors of my inner world, though perhaps hidden in the hidden ocean we call the unconscious. Seeing something in another may be true, it is in the harshness of the judgment that we get into trouble....for we are judging ourselves I believe. We live in a hall of mirrors, others show us our reflections. The less we know of ourselves the more distorted the image. In any case it is a life long process and in the end, only Jesus (speaking as a Christian of course) can give us the courage to move into those inner dark rooms, where he is there waiting, patiently and with love.


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