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adieu and thanks




well, im going to be leaving internet forums all together for a while, this one included. its really a bad time what with the blog just started and all that, but i plan on coming back eventually.

i just wanted to say a few words of thanks before leaving to everybody, for tolerating my garbage and listening when you did, but a few good folks especially, in no particular order:

Cheat - (cheat was my buddy for M. Snufferpuffer's 'Make a Buddy Day'), youre just so nice its almost scary.

Mme. Dot - you have been extremely nice to me when you really had no reason to be; youre very sweet.

Flyguy - youre just a cool guy, what can i say?

Jennrose - youre great.

M. Snufferpuffer - youve been very nice to me, and youve wasted alot of time reading the junk ive written to help me.

M. Falco, M. Burnside, M. Halo, & M. Fluffybunny - it just makes us kids feel good when adults talk to us like equals.

Mme. Nxt2Hvn - you made me feel welcome.

Angelfish - youre a good friend.

M. Saruman and the moderators - thanks for putting up with my incessant arguing, temper tantrums, rudeness, and general brattiness.

and, just to bug you folks one more time before leaving, in the rare chance an administrator or moderator (or whoever it is that changes your name) is reading this, could i have my name shortened to just plain Mudboots? thanks in advance!

and, before i leave, my name is André.......mmm........i just felt like saying so.

Adieu until i come back,

~ Mudboots



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Daughter of the Nine Moons



I just wanted to say that I am sorry to see you go even for a little while. In the year I have been on UM I have seen you grow up and mature wonderfully.

laugh.gif There were so many times I thought that you would have been suspended for sure. You are a smart and talented young man. Keep up your writing, I truly enjoyed your stories.

Be good Mudboots and stay well.



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