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A man awake

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Worlds of myst and a black cat.

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White Crane Feather


Last night, I took a little journey.

Initiated vibrations about 11 pm. It was interesting because my control over the different states is becoming very precise. I was able to bring myself down and back up again consciously through different levels of conciousness. There are the vibratory stages. Different places along that corolate to different intensities along with the white noises. I have also noticed that other noises change aswell slowing down and changing pitch. My baby is sick right now with croup so a cool humidifier is running. My wife has it pointed at our bed so there is this movie like myst that floats around us. The bubbling sound it makes I found I could speed up or slow down. The myst that floats around us gives a very magical feeling mixed with the breathing of my wife and baby. I can leave my eyes partially when drifting into the I between places now, so I let the myst take form. I opened up and surrendered my self to the sacred water to see what I might learn.

At first the myst just floated around me, but then as I let myself dive deeper into its form. Things started to take shape. People, buildings, and different random things would form out if the myst. I seemed to be floating through different scenarios and places. A couple arguing in an Asian language, a European woman talking on her cell phone, some kids playing soccer. I watch the shifting around for a bit fascinated, then directed things a bit more. I thought of my other boys asleep in the other room and there sleeping faces formed out if the white myst. I reached out with my hand ( spirit body) and touched the image. The myst swirled and dispursed a bit, then reformed. I felt so very blessed at that moment. What a magical life I have. How many people get to experience these sorts of things? Weather it's all in my head or something much more, it's simply incredible to whiteness. I was wishing my wife could see this, then her face formed from the vapor aswell. Her sharp beutiful Asian features, even though she is right next to me in bed, came into focus right in front of me. I then checked on my sisters. One was doing something probably in a kitchen, and the other sleeping. Then my nephews, one playing video games, the other on his computer. My niece was talking to someone.

As fun as the myst was I let it my body float up and land on the floor. I thought for a few moments about the myst, and that I may have just discovered scrying for myself. Then I took a flying leap through my walls and arched up into the air. I smiled at my oak trees as I passed and marveled at the feel of the cool air on my 'skin'.

I took some playful twists as I shot straight up through the upper atmosphere and into space. The star field Opened up as beautiful as ever. I raised my 'hands' to the stars and profusely thanked the universe. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to feel the tingle of warmth from the starlight on my 'face' and 'hands'. When I was finished my worship of the the universe and great spirit, I let myself fall back as if gravity had me. I fell back toward earth, I took notice of the full moon then spun into a nose dive.

I landed back in front of my house. Then I noticed something moving down in the court. I walked over to investigate. It was a cat in my neighbors yard. A black cat. I walked over and started to pet it. It purred and returned my affection. The cat would distort a bit when it turned its head or moved. This ment to me that this was not a cat. It was a spirit. It had a strangely familiar energy. Like I have known this personality for a very long time. Still the fur and purring was comforting. Then I said. " so good to see you again, whoever you are"

The cat responded by running its face into my hands.

I sat there petting it for a few minutes, then I let it meander off. I was still wondering who she was. A very distinct loveing feminine energy. I have known this spirit very well, I am just unable to put her into context. I don't know Mabey that's apart of what she is...... Sort of half jokeing to myself, I though Mabey that's why they call black cats "familures".

At this point things have grown dark and I'm becoming aware of the physical. My baby is coughing and starting to whine a bit, it's probably what broke my trance. I reach over and put my hands in his to remind him that I'm there in the dark. The covers have a slight dampness to them from the humidifier/myst machine.

Strange visions tonight. Scrying, black cats, a full moon. A very sterio typical Wiccan themed set of events. I suspect I will see that cat again, she is here in that form for a reason. I suppose I will be using myst in the future to check on people aswell. It's all very new to me, but somehow I have the feeling that it's been done for ages, by my ancestors.

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Nice post there Seeker, very spiritual

I thought that if one see's a black cat, it was meant to be bad luck? Some say it is a sign of good luck?

About the humidifier.. you mention dampness...does it effect the walls too? See, I am thinking of getting one, because as you know I too faced similar trouble with my kids coughing etc...but I worry that the humidifier will make the room damp?

Hope your children are much better.. I sincerely mean that.. I hate to hear of children getting sick

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White Crane Feather


Yeah its been an ordeal. We are sort of experts at it. My middle one used to get bad croup aswell. We have been through it all before.

The vaporizer just sends out a fog like stream. The reason it made the covers slightly damp is because she had it pointed directly on us. It would not make the walls damp unless you pointed the stream exactly at it at close range.

She could point it up and the covers would not have got like that. It wasn't that bad... Just a slight moisture on top. She had it like that to wash it over the baby. It seemed to help.

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I just sent Gary over to Argos to buy one.. We went for a vicks warm air one..It being winter and pretty cold at night, I thought that would be best...

I'd say the cool mist would be perfect for summer time...

I looked up info about the croup in children.. Found this --> http://www.uptodate.com/contents/croup-in-infants-and-children-beyond-the-basics

It seems you have done the right thing in buying a humidifier... Hope it does the trick

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