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Eat It Before The Bread Dissolves .....

Simbi Laveau


In the immortal words of Dave Lister ...

Yes folks ,its that time of year for me.

Like clockwork ,I get a hankering to watch Red Dwarf ,A to Zed .

Start to finish . The last few years ,its been an extra happy ending,with a new series to add to the quque.

I'm mid way thru series IV ,and I've never wanted to do this before ,but with my recent love affair with bacon buddies ,I thought,why not ...

The infamous three fried eggs ,mango chutney and chili sauce sandwich .

Yes,its time. I haven't decided if I will do the beer milk shakes as well,but I might .....I might ...

Making the mango chutney now . Home made is best :)


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Simbi Laveau



I used the really hot Vietnamese pepper sauce. Srriacha is hot,but not hot enough for me,and it has no depth . I like texture....wow...

I did only two pieces of bread and two eggs,but that's more than enough .

Wowooooowww ...

I will make another tomorrow ....

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