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A man awake

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No way to describe

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White Crane Feather


Early images during meditations today. A dual plane of energy stretching out to infinity. I found myself in between the planes. The planes had indescribable shifting colors. The colors reminded me of fiber optic plastics. I projected afterward but there was a thickness. For some reason I was unable to leave my house. It felt like a magnetic repulsion. I walked downstairs, the kids were playing but they couldn't see me. My two year old seemed to be aware of something. There was a beautiful smiling woman watching them. An angel? It wasn't my angel. She acknowledged that I saw her but moved into another room with kids. I tried once more to leave the house but something is stopping me. Very strange.

I sat down to meditate within on OBE. Something I have been meaning to do but I always forget. I can't explain what happened next. I shifted into a completely differnt form of existence. I was no longer experienceing existence with the perception of biological senses. No vision, no hearing, no spacial awareness. Yet amazingly aware of the layers and energies around me. I wish there were words for it. There is just no way to describe it.

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