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A man awake

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Never a dull night

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White Crane Feather


Early this morning roughly 3 am. I heard a large shattering noise. Like class but a computerized quality and echo. It awoke my mind. I reach over to wake my wife thinking the noise might have been real. As I reached I knew something was off. It wasn't my real hand. My real arm and hand was wrapped around my midsection.

Hmmmm sleep paralysis, and a false awakening I thought. Then my mind turned back to the shattering and I started to get worried it was real and there is an intruder. At this point I felt that switch of anxiety into SP anxiety start.... Oh no we are not going there I thought. I pulled myself back. And then there I was completely calm and happy that i thwarted the cascading fear reaction.

I brought up both my hands and rubbed them together. It felt like my real hands were rubbing together except one of my fingers were moveing and digging at my ribs. What a strange sensation one of my hands being in two places at one time. I thought about leaving my body but decided not to.

The minds ability to let me feel my 'astral' hands rub each other was completely amazing me. I am beginning to realize that the definition of what my hand even is is starting to become questionable.

I let myself fall back into sleep and my mind created a scenario around the shattering noise. In my dream a neighbors air conditioner exploded outside when they were haveing a party ( apparently makeing a shattering noise). Lots of young college age kids were hurt. I spent the entire dream administering first responders first aid. It was really good practice. During the dream I noticed that there were ball bearings and bdims in the explosion/shattering. It was not just an accident. The baby is a sleep, if I can get another hour of sleep in I bet I can turn the whole thing into a movie even doing battle with the culprits.

Never a dull night in my mind.

Source: Visions, Insight, Pre&Post Cognition, Feeling

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Donnie  Darko


Interesting that you were able to build a scenario around it. I haven't been able to do that with my own SP experiences. Your dream/experience makes for a good short story. Thanks for sharing.

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