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Nothing Is Sacred

Simbi Laveau


So I went for Ganesh Chaturthi today .My ashram , which I have been going to for years.

When you go , you can have a puja done.Thats a blessing.

You give the priest things to have blessed,and things to offer hGanesha.

So the things to bless are in a bag .We all give bags for puja.

When the puja is over , they give us our bags back .

You take it home to put on your altar etc.

So I went for the full ceremony today , which lasts two hours.

After the ceremony ,the pujas are done .

So a few of us handed our bags in early .

They sat ifo the shrine for the two hours.

Then we had to get in line to get annointed after the ceremony , amd the bags were brought up to be redistributed . I was in line , and I saw people going to get their bags back. The priest was giving them back .

Something told me to go get it , but i said "nah ....it will be there when im done".

Five minutes go by, I look up , and all the bags are gone...

I was astound .If you give a bag, you get a bag .Which means someone went up and took a bag they didnt put in for puja .

Its a high holy holiday in hindu belief. Like Christmas literally , and everyone is supposidly so enlightened, and someone stole my puja bag .

I almost put my silver and emerald Ganesh ring (I got it in japan in 1999) in the bag ...

I was so upset . The priest got me another bag and put blessed flowers in it.....but I felt somehow gyped....



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