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A man awake

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Eyeless entities

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White Crane Feather


There back!! It's that time of year again. It doesn't matter how many time I see them, they always bug me.

I want on an OOB rampage trying to blast them all with white light. But I'm not sure it does any good. I'll make trip to Costco and store up on children's Advil and tylonal. Typically fevers start in the house within a week of seeing them. Uggggg I hate when the kids are sick.

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that's interesting. So these "entities" come every year. what's your past experiences with them,?

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It's shamanism, the sight to see on the subtle levels, a healers thing. I have experienced this with viruses also so i know it happens, it appears they have have a level of consciousness and presence which can be seen energetically on the etheric level before it becomes physical. Note: there are time lags between each level, physical 3d is the final level of manifestation. Some things can be countered on the etheric level before it becomes physical.

White crane, you should try throwing the atomic structure of an antibiotic at them or something along these lines. I think that would be a interesting experiment.

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White Crane Feather


I have seen them ever since I learned how to spirit walk. Like blu3 said. Our ancestor shaman saw disease in ecstatic states represented as various manifestations. "Evil spirits" that cause disease. A shamans awareness of disease. I see them as eyeless entitys. The more severe the sickness the more active and aggressive they are. Mild fevers are usually old men with no eyes,. Last year the roto virus that swept the country I saw them as a gang of eyeless hags that were vary agressive. The ones that night were zombie like, but there was more than I usually see.

I will try what blu3 suggests. I will look up the chemical structure of anti virals and anti biodics and see if I can hurl it at them. I'm also going see if I can extend my own immune system out somehow and use a representation of my own white blood cells. I'm going to study them more closely this time instead of just reacting.

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i dont know about eyeless but faceless, people are meant to be the children of succubus's and the male host. waiting for their father to pass on 0.0

dont know where i read that lol

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