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A man awake

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They hit.

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White Crane Feather


Both me and my two year old are now sick. It hit me halfway through classes. By the time I was done I was experiencing chills, fever, and aches. I kinda felt it yesterday but I was working in my garden pretty hard so I thought I was just tired and dehydrated.. It's going to be one of those wrap up and sweat it out nights.

My premonitions tell me ahead of time that something has been brought home, but I really have no tools yet to prepare. I could stock up on antivirals and take them when I see them, I have enough evidence over the years to be comfortable relying on them, but I would like some more tools besides loading vitamin C and preparing the ibuprofen. I will have to research what my ancestors did when they saw something conming. It might be time to vision quest for a tool.

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