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All your faults in me...

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Hmm.....It 12:46, and Im here groovin' to some mellow tunes. Sound familiar? Oh well, great tension release. So, i was away for 15......had a great time. Went to St. John's, for 10 days for a wedding, then to Pasadena for 5 days for a church camp. Was the best one yet. I met great people, forged new friendships, and made previous friends even stronger. WHne we left was totally sad.....everyone was sad and crying. I even started to once.....I totally didnt want to leave such a bunch of great people, but hey, thats life.

Im back home for another week, then gone to air cadet camp for 3 weeks. SHould be a great learning experience. Also, a girl from here is gonna be there. Im anious to see how all of this is gonna go. SHes 3 years older, but we where starting to get really close before she left. THe thing is, her sister is one of my good friends, and they dont exactly get along. So, me and the older one spendign time together didnt exactly please the younger. We didnt really get a chance to talk about our feeligns for each other before she left, but she emailed me,and we are starting to talk about it. SHes an amazing person, and would love to go out with her, but Im wndering how the other will feel. Im just gonna have to wait and see what happens.

Until next time,


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