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A man awake

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White Crane Feather


Last night I awoke with vibrations coursing through my body. I open my eyes but closed them again because I knew Somone was there. I completed the transition to an altered state of consciousness. There she was standing at the foot of my bed, a woman in her latr 40s. I sat up ( obe) and asked what she wanted.

She said that something was wrong with her stomach and she thought that I could help.

I moved to her and said "let me see". I put my hands into her abdomen. I could tell that her insides were rotten. She was dead.

I pulled my hands out and said I'm sorry but I think you are dead.

She did not like that answer. She started to get angry and she lashed at me. I already had my will sheild up. It blocked her anger.

I said I'm sorry, I don't know what else to do. Then I reached out and banished her with a blast of white light.

Then I shot through the ceiling up into the clouds and floated there for a moment. I felt unnerved. Floating in the cloudy darkness I surendured my self to the earth and I let gravity act in me and I fell back into the earth. I went through the ground and let the mother just surround me until I started to feel the warmth of deep inside of her. Then I was back in my body.

I got up went to the mirror. And just looked at myself. I thought ----really You are a suburbon American dad that owns a martial arts school and you see dead people like in the movies.... Really!!!?---

It's nights like this that I do wish that I am simply a powerful dreamer. I do not want to be visited be dead ladies that can't accept that they are dead. I It's to Hollywoodish. What am I supposed to do about it anyway? I hope she dosnt come back. This morning I smudged the house just because it made me feel better.

Thanks for reading, sharing it is therapy for me, nobody else in my life will ever hear about some of these things.

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Thanks for sharing. I was in the earth mother before, but it happened to me once and it was a meditation, but it was very real. You made me think of it. I'm sorry you feel your experience was too Hollywoodish... I don't know what to say about that part. But I am glad also for you that you have a place to share. :)


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White Crane Feather


I live in two worlds spiritwriter, it's hard for half of me to accept the things I experience. One foot in each world is a strange balancing act, but I always appreciate your comments.

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White Crane Feather


Incidentally a the day after this both me and my wife started haveing stomach cramps. It gave me bad diarrhea for a few days. I felt like my lower gut was... Well rotten. We attributed it to some chicken that we both ate and may have been in the fridge to long. I don't know if its related but it sure felt like I had gut rot for a few days.

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