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A man awake

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Visit by an old.... Not friend

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White Crane Feather


A few nights ago me and Ms. Old hag of sleep paralysis did a round of a little altered state cage fighting on my wall..... Yup I said it on my wall.

It started with me sitting up recognizing something was odd. Then I quickly realized I was OOB. Yet something was pulling me off the bed. I have been through this before, so I simply was amused at what ever had grabbed my leg and was pulling on me. I looked but I couldn't see anything. I looked around the room but nothing. As I sat up on the edge of the bes with my feet dangling off the pulling stoped.

I said " What?.... Do you want me to be afraid? I'm not 8 anymore. You are going to have to do better than that."

I dangled my feet off the bed challenging any kind of cheesy horror movie occurances. Although I know now or i guess i have always known where kids get this stuff. Weather it's an entity or the entity of ourselves in a deep collective conciousness archetype playing off fears, it knows how to get a reaction. It has in ancient Navajo ledgends to ancient Chinese manuscripts to us today. . it's been at this game for a very long time.

I looked around a bit then layed back in my body all the whike knowing this wasn't over yet. I opened my eyes and then closed them again and went back into an altered state on purpose. I wanted to get it over with and go back the the other worlds of dreams I have.

As soon as I was altered I felt her. She was under the blankets with me crawling up my body. I know this sounds unbearably creepy to others, but honestly Im amused by things like this now. It's a bit of a game for me. I almost enjoy it like watching a good horror movie. I have battled and faught with so many things in my dreams and these particular scenarios so many times its almost run of the mill.

When she was on top of me and poking her head out of the covers, I could see her badly contorted face right next to mine. Still I was not afraid. Just a little annoyed. I told her " space ..you better give me some space".

She diddint, she started to do something with her hands, but I did not let her. I locked my legs around her in a jujitsu guard and dug my fingers into her ribs. Then with my will I flung both of us up into the air and I pinned her on my wall as if the wall were the floor.

Thinking perfectly clear and logical I thought this would be a great opportunity to study the infamous "Old Hag". My hands were dug into her and glowing thru her body slightly. She put up a resistance but she was no match for me. I took one hand out and grabbed her face and locked eyes with her. Nothing there. Just emptiness. Not emptiness like in a clique evil way.... I mean nothing. There is no soul in her. I felt like I was messing around with a stuffed animal. No more interesting or scary than a teddy bear.

I said "come on really?.... Nothing?"

I then let the white fire in my hands exsplod into her/it until it was gone.

I laied on my wall for a second contemplating. It certainly does not seem like a real entity to me. At least not an intelligent one. Maybe a mindless parasite of some sort? I don't know.... But anyone reading this haveing a problem with this thing needs to know its harmless, though I suppose that that is a lesson earned and cannot be given.

What a strange and wacky life I live.

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