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A man awake

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A meeting place

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White Crane Feather


I was in a dream this morning. My best friend and I had traveled to this place for a wedding. We were a day early, so we decided to have dinner at this little bar and grill. I walked in and stood by the bar to order. I was tired from traveling so I just said "give me a burger." The old man behind he bar asked me if that's all I want?

I'm not sure what happened, but his smile started to make me a little lucid. I say a little because I knew something was off and different but I was not sure what exactly. I was experiencing severe dajavuu. Then this young woman came out and escorted me to a table. I sat down. She said "your Burger will be right up" and your margarita too. I said " no I don't drink anymore", she leaned in and said "its different here" then she smiled. I sat there for a few moments confused trying to peice it together. I'm not a stranger to extremely odd things in physical life so I had not recognized it as a dream yet. She brought the margarita. I looked at her like I really did not want it, she ran her hand down my face and said "really... This is different you will be fine."

I was more lucid now. I knew something was up. I sipped on the margarita. It tasted like a margarita :( . Then this other guy waved at me. He was at a little table by the wall.

I walked over to him. At this point I was nearly 100% ... I was pretty sure I was dreaming. I pulled up a stool sort of cautiously. About when I got there, the waitress had brought my burger over and my margarita.

He motioned to her walking away. He said she is atractive isn't she. I said yes, but is she real? I turned back to him. He said "of course she is, and you ask me that every time."

Now 100% lucid. I say, "so I'm here often?

He concurres.

I tell him that I don't remember and he tells me that I never do. It always starts off this way.

My best friend is now mysteriously not present.

I ask him what im doing here. He responds that I will have to tell him. I ask if I constructed this place? He says "yes". I then ask if I constructed the people he says "no". Then we start into an In depth conversation. Physics & metaphysics. I should have written it down earlier.. I know better. Every minute that passes I lose more from my memory. It like trying to dig a hole in fine dry sand. Why is that?

Well. Now that I'm pretty sure we go there a lot and this old guy and I on a var stool have these conversations, maybe I will remember more the next time. Who knows. I dream all night, but it spears I am still unaware of some of them. It's 10 pm. It's a strange night... It has been for a few days. I can't help but feel that I'm missing something important. Time will tell I guess. Each day marches on. :)

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