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A man awake

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Epic movie dream x 5

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White Crane Feather


Epic movie dream

Wow!!! I am utterly floored at the power and scope of this movie dream I just had. I'm going to try to get what is left down its starting to fade. I'm going to be very short with the events so as not to take to long.

It started of with me returning to my home neighborhood. It's sort of a slum of trailers. I'm me... But I'm not really me either. There is sort of a new gang in town, and long story short something happens and i end up fighting with them. They are trying to kill me. I made them very angry by preventing a rape. It erupts into an all out war with me trying to escape the Neighbour hood. I end up in many knife fights and at the end a massive gun battle. I killed dozens of people in this gang and their leader confronted me in the street and after a harrowing knife fight I killed him. I searched his pockets for anything useful to help me escape. All I found was a storage key to some sort of locker. Very similar to paid lockers and amusement parks or older airports and train stations. I narrowly escaped. I had lost everything I had other than this key and I was tattered and beaten. I found out through the course of the fighting mostly them telling me how dead I was that this was a part of a powerful crime syndicate. The entire episode could have been a movie by itself, but it was just the beginning.

I did not know what to do. I tried making a few phone calls to people I knew but I found out I was plasterd all over the news a murderous mad man on the loose. Even people on the street would recognize me and call the police and force another narrow escape. I ended up surviving in the woods for several weeks with nothing. ( I actually teach Native American survival skills, so it came in handy). Finally I decide to do something. I made my way to the locker at a train station that had the number on it. Number 82. Inside was a box with this strange semi glowing opal like stone. I knew it was something very valuable.

I wasn't sure what to do so i called a very close friend of mine who is a librarian. He told me to hide out and be will meet me. He did. It turns out he is not just a librarian, he is some sort of spy. I show him the stone and he is utterly amazed. I ask him what it is, but he won't tell me. I stay hidden in a hotel room for a few days. He comes back and says your cut is %15 and mine is to. There is no negation we are taking this to Japan .

This is where it turns harrowing again. There are people after us again. there are some fights and gun battles and we finally make it to this futuristic like train station. Which is odd because it did not have a futuristic setting before. It's not really totally future like though. This train is a bit like a Japanese bullet train. I get in but something is wrong my boarding pass is lifted off of me. On the flight my friend creates a complicated scheme. Some how through quick thinking and "bourn identity" style Maneuvering we manage to steal another mans boarding pass and identity.

This train was crazy unique. It had a lot of Japanese people on it. The seats were excessively declined. And it was positioned in a large tube. After the boarding pass fiasco, the train started up and started accelerating. There was light but significant g forces pushing me back into the seat. There was this lady next to me that noticed how shocked I was at the power of the acceleration. She said "first time?"... Just do what I do when the time comes.

The train shot into this glass tube and was moving across the landscape at incredible speed. It never stopped accelerating. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I was amazed and fixated on the blur that the surrounding landscape turned into. It lasted for about half an hour. Then the acceleration started to ease up and we were over the ocean still in the glass tube but several story's high. She then says to me "welcome to mock 7."

Then a green light came on and the acceleration had subsided. Every one got out of their seats and stood in the center isle. I followed. The train was humming along at an incredible speed, but perfectly smooth with no sound. When everyone was out of their seats, the seats robotically and in unison shifted then inclined in the opposite direction. I'm no dummy. Now it's time for deceleration. We sat back in our seats effectively facing backwards, and sure enough.,There began to be a slight but stronger g force as we decelerated. About another half an hour and we were in Japan.

----simply amazing. I had have heard about trains like this proposed for the future, but to actually experience it was amazing---

In Japan. Things get really bizarre. My friend had arranged for us to be given new identities and new faces with Japanese characteristics. It is a complicated technological process. It starts off with me on this table, and given some drugs which was really a trip. There is lots of poking and prodding. They test my walking gate, how I sit how I stand, how I jump and move my arms. Every single body mechanic is tested and recorded. Some sort of chip is installed in my head and ears and I am able to speak and understand Japanese. Through all this I get to know this pretty Japanese nurse and we begin a romantic relationship. During which we develop the most amazing loving relationship.

I cannot describe how it felt kissing her. I really can't. The only thing that has ever come close to it is my interactions with the garden goddess ( its back in my blogs). ---- don't get me wrong I have a loving relationship with my wife, but I am not lucid during all of this and that part of my life does not exist---- imagine being separated from the love of your life for years and then finally being able to embrace. It was simply incredible. Love making simply... Perfect. That's when she revealed something to me. Unfortunately my friend left out that the only people that have this technology is a powerful Japanese cult. Part of the requirements of undergoing the procedure is to join them. I was almost already done with it so I played along. When it was finished they began some sort of advanced brain washing regiment under the guise as finishing up the identity change. I played along, but the final straw was when they tried to put me in this contraption next to dozens of others that repeatedly slammed people face first into water. I made my escape and took her with me.

I'm not going to get into all the details of our escape, mostly running and finding our way into a shipping container back to America. It was pretty nice actually. Air con, lots of freeze dried food, a bed, a small bathroom and kitchen. I managed to keep my money somehow. But the cult was still trying to kill us.

Back in America I was captured trying too locate my brother ( strange because be died in a motor cycle accident quit a while ago) luckily my love escaped ( I don't think she ever had a name) the CIA was after me as well because what ever that stone was. they did not have me for very long I had help in escaping. Unfortunately it turned out to be the cult. I knew they were going to kill me driving me away in this limo, so I took the initiative and choked out the driver crashing the limo. Martial arts training has its benefits when dreaming.

I managed to find my brother in the Nevada desert and my love was with him. He had found her. They did not get along. She did not like the desert. He left me with a vehicle and supplies. He is about to drive away, but I start to become lucid..... I say "wait!!! " he lets out this big grin knowing that I'm coming to. " you are dead and none of this is real"

"It's as real as you want it to be.... You know that"

" but what about you? Are you just a dream?"

"What do you think?"

"Your talking in riddles like spirits do"

"Yup" he winks. He then reaches out and grabs my hand. He says " I'm very sorry... I was so stupid. But I thought you would like this birthday gift"

"The dream"

" u Hu.... And her"

" you know Im married right?"

He laughed " yeah... So is she" he winks again and guns his vehicle into the desert yelling "see you bro" while hanging a surfing hang loose hand sign out the window ( he grew up in Hawaii surfing). I turn to her knowing its about to end. I look at her and smile. Looking a little confused she smiles back. We just look at each other for a moment and then I'm back.

I am always in shock at these dreams. They seem to last forever but I have only been asleep for six hours. There is a theme from the night before dreams as well. My father and now my brother both dead coming to help me. My brother was so full life. Long haired hippie, surfer, Native American biker. There just are not people like him anymore. I miss him.

The dream was harrowing and violent at times, I must say it was a hell of a lot of fun. And the girl oh gese the girl. My wife would kill me if she knew what goes on in my head sometimes.

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