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A man awake

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Another Epic...I have lost count.

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White Crane Feather


I was a leader on a planet that was invaded by some sort of alien machines. It was a harrowing night of fighting with these things. Much like war of the worlds. Only the machines resembled Star Wars walkers. I discovered a weakness and was able to lead our planet to victory.

Fast forward a few years and probably the second half of the night I was training groups of travelers that were to be disperse throughout the galaxy in crio ships with knowledge to train to teach other races on different planets how to defeat them so they could not arm anyone else.

Sounds cool right? It's not. It's a bit of fun, but it takes me an hour of laying in bed every morning just process through all these knew memories. I swear its going to give me altimerze or something. How much memory space do i even have in my head anyway?. I'm not even going to try to write them down anymore. Just quick synapses.

I did go to a little pub in my mind where there appears to be metaphysical entities that help me through it. A retreat I guess from these massive plots that develop in my head. They always give me a margarita and a burger.

Hopefully they can keep me from writing to you all from the looney bin some day. Maybe I should just buckle down and learn how to write screenplays.

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