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A man awake

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Control of darkness and rabid animals.

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White Crane Feather


Last night was a strange night of dreaming. My children were playing outside when I saw this squirrel attack one of my chickens. It was supernaturally ferocious. It actually tore through the chicken. The animals progress to steadily more aggressive behavior. In was occupied boarding up the house trying to protect my family.

When I woke up it wasn't a bid deal just a bit strange. I remember almost all of my dream now and have been through thousands of these scenarios.

I did however upon waking return to a half state and imitated vibrations to an OBE exit. As soon I did I could feel some sort of pressure pushing on me. I resisted it with calmness. If you fight these things that get worse. I analyzed where it was coming from and I honest think it was happening because my body was laying on its side.it was the opposite side of my body feeling the pressure.... My guess is because the brain controls the opposite side of tv body. Anyway I let myself float through my window down into the yard. I was standing in about the same spot that the squirrel Incident to place.

I was remember the dark scene, and came to the quick realization that I was turning my environment dark and forbidding. I instantly switched gears. I calmed myself and brought my thoughts make to a peaceful neutrality.

Instantly things responded. This have me an idea. I decided to experiment. Laid down in the grass. Then I brought forward a very dark mood. I just let myself feel bad. Instantly my environment started to darken. I could feel extreme darkness and fear coming for me. I let it come, I purposely darkened my mood more..... Things started to feel terrifying, but I separated my ego from it out of curiosity. Then These clawed hands emerged from the ground and started to grasp my body and pull me into the earth. I waited to theist second then I changed my thoughts again... Lighter.... Calmer. The hands retreated and the entire environment lightened. I let one claw remain. I reached over and stuck my hand in it. It reacted and started to crush my hand. I realized right away that I was unconsciously fearful of what I was about to do. I forced my mind back to a calm confidence state. I let the fear dissipate and leave me. The hand relaxed. Then I shook it like shaking hands with a friend. I soon lost my trance.

When I was back, I reinitiated another one. My new confidence in controlling my thoughts empowered me. Launched into outer space at a speed that would like warp 1000. I flew by galaxies and worlds. I spend the rest of the morning divining into alien canyons, skimming the surface of alien oceans and with purple waters and strange bio illuminescnt creatures.

I feel free somehow. Free from my own darkness... It can be let go of. I also think I have found he basis for heaven and hell.

Quite a night.

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bLu3 de 3n3rgy


Thanks for sharing and reminding that we change our reality by changing ourself (via our perceptions) and not by trying to change our reality. I heard this message put 3 dif ways yesterday and your blog was one of them. One way to do it is by changing your vibration ( energy /astral terms / meditative terms techniques ) Finally the message sunk in last night sometime.

A parking ticket is just a parking ticket right ;-)

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White Crane Feather


I thought you would get something out of that. I'm still chuckling at the image of me neiling on my lawn shaking hands with a clawed hand emerging from my grass. I was out there this morning that little spot of earth has meaning now.

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