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A man awake

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It worked. And wow!

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White Crane Feather


In light of yesterday's dreams, I dug deep inside of myself last night before going to bed to give mysf a powerful intention not to dream anymore or at least to not remember all of them. About ten years ago I had a very disturbing dream and had decided not to dream anymore. It worked. I did not dream for a whole year until I relaxed the command and intention I gave myself. I was reminded of this in yesterday's dreams.

I did, however, create an exception. I want to remember important dreams.

I am happy to report that it all worked flawlessly. I did have one dream though instead of the endless parade. Another amazing dream.

I was in the back of a bus. I was talking with a young Hispanic woman. I say woman but more like a girl...18-19 or so. It happened quite suddenly and the bus tiped over and started sliding on the road. We were in the mountains and the buss was sliding off the road. I yelled to her to brave herself because we going to hit trees. I could see the pavement under me and sparks were shooting up at my feet from where the window had been.

We slid off the road and down a hill full of trees. I was hopeing the trees would stop but they didn't. Quite unnaturally the bus started to plow down all the trees and we kept sliding down the hill ( I did not notice at the time, but there was no hint of anyone else in the buss except me and her).

The buss was starting to disintegrate. I was silently praying it would stop while me an her were still uninjured. The sound of the trees hitting the buss was deafening. Just when I thought the buss would stop because it almost came to the end of its slide down the hill, we rolled off of a massive cliff.

Some how I was thrown from the buss. So I was in the air falling. I knew I was done for. The buss was falling to the left of me and I had lost sight of the girl. I resolved my self to death after noticing how very high I was, and i wonderd what the impact was going to feel like. I crossed my arms and turned my back to the ground.

When I hit. I did feel a bit if a jolt. I even bounced a bit. But I was fine. I stood up relieved, but strangly not in a lot of shock. In my mind I just got lucky. I looked the girl wasn't far from me and she was standing aswell. She got lucky too! Awesome! We are going to be fine.

We collected our thoughts for a moment and then found a small road and walked down it. We left the buss as a firey mess. I was very glad I had been thrown from the buss.

We eventually make it to this small mountain store. We go in seeking help. But to my surprise the people in there will not respond to us. They can't seem to hear or see us. ( just like the movies). I realize right away that we did not survive that crash. There is only one reason for this predicament. She starts to cry. I try to comfort her, but in truth I'm very upset also. I also don't know what to do next. I stay there for a few moments holding her. Then I notice him.

Jason ( named changed).. One of my students is at the counter buying an ice cream with his dad. Jason his pretty far on the spectrum with aspergers. He has been with me since he was a little boy. He is now about 11. We are pretty close because of his parents dedication to keeping him in things and working with me.

I don't bother saying anything as he walks past me. It's just sort o a reminder of the life that is now over. I wonderd if he will find another Martial arts instructor to work with. I hope so. He was doing so well lately. Especially with his jujitsu.

Just as he passes me on the way out, he says "oh hi Mr. Marlo." Then keeps walking.

I'm shocked. I stand there for a second. Then I follow him out. He is getting on the back of his fathers motercycle happily eating his ice cream.

"Jason, you can hear me"

"Of course I can Mr. Marlo just barely that girl too"

"But we are dead, how can you?"

"I see all kinds of things that I don't talk about Mr. Marlo, I can tell my parents and therapists don't like to hear about them. And you are not dead......... But she is."

His dad fires up the motorcycle. I look over at the girl, she looks as confused as I do. I was thinking Jason had to be wrong. We both were in the bus and others can't see both of us. Unless of course I'm dreaming. I look back as they drive away and my last thought before wakeing up was how dangerous it was for Jason not to have a helmet on.

I don't know what to think. I work with a lot of autistic kids. Several I do believe are very special. So in a way I'm not surprised. I have had dreams about them before even a dream about meeting one before I met him.

What about this girl. A dream character? Or am I or him supposed to help her in some way? I just don't know.

It's a strange an awesome universe we live in.

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Cool.. I had a "it Worked & Wow" experience from a dream last night too..

Is to unfamily friendly to post though... lol..

Jewish mysticism huh......... Who would have thunk........

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White Crane Feather


Hmmm... I'm hopeing for your sake it was along the lines of an old mantra conversation we once had ;) ;) ;) "over come illusion" I think. ;) ;)

But I do have something to tell you or blu3 only. In pm. Makeing it public just adds to knives.

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bLu3 de 3n3rgy


I'm def interested to hear in PM :D (Oh how an hilariously fitting synchronzy just occurred whilst making this message) Just as I typed the smile for :-D my finger mishit the key and i somehow activated "private browsing" on firefox even though i didn't know the shortcut key for activating it.

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