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A man awake

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Two hours this morning

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White Crane Feather


After getting the kids off to school and my little one to day care, spent an hour in sitting meditations this morning, then an hour in prone OBE style relaxation.

The first hour was simple empty mind meditations clearing myself. The second hour was highly productive OBE training.

It did not take long for me to reach vibrations and exits. I spent some time messing with arms and slightly opening my eyes while altered. I could feel myself wave my astral hands in front of my face yet not see them. I played with different body parts exploring the duality between the two sets of extremities. It might seem common sense once you think about it, but to really check on it is a profound revelation. The feeling of your body movieing does not come from your body movieing. It in itself is a projection. A creation. When you are movieing your body in physical life you are sensing the movement because it is movieing, you are creating the sensation to go with the movement. This revelation and understanding from an experimental basis has huge implications. We are not experiencing our environments we are indeed creating them based off ingrained expectations. I experimented with this for at least 20 minutes.

Then I sat up while OOB. I searched the room for something small to test. My wife left an iron on the top of the bedroom entertainment center. I got up from the bed OOB then moved to the side of the room. I stayed here but I took control of my physical body and opened my eyes. It's was hard, but I managed. Now I was looking at the iron from two differen perspectives simultaneously. I looked to where my non physical perspective was at, but I could see nothing, then I looked to my physical perspective and I could see myself lying there looking at me which my eyes half open. A bit creepy actually but only from the no physical perspective.

I looked back at the iron. I raised my physical arm and tried to move the image. Nothing. I raised my non physical arm and did it at the same nothing. Then from both perspectives I tried to alter the environment like a lucid dream. A peculiar thing happened. Reality started takeing snap shots like a high speed camara. I could move it, but I hade to move everything with it. It's hard to exsplain.

After that I exited totally and spent some time flying around the yard. I dove through the wall, then back through the ceiling. Then I heard voices. Kids voices. My 6 year old. But he was at school. "Look their eyes are popping out." A strange thing to say, but if you know my six year old... Not that strange... He is the.. Well.. Potty humor kid of the group.

I came back, but initiated another exit. A spirit guide joined me this time. She was behind me guiding my hands along the walls, carlet, and other things explaining to me the true nature of sensations. We don't sense them, we create the sensations. Fundamentally it's all a creation. It exists because we allow it to exist and we sense it because we choose and expect to sense it. She asked me to change the sensation of the wall to the carpet at will. I did. I could sense the texture o the carpet without touching it. She lifted me up to the sky light to sense the warmth of the plastic. She had me turn it to coolness. I did. I created it.

"That's enough for now". She laid me on my bed like a child and kissed my forehead as if tucking a child in. "You have something to discover."

I did. After milling around the house for a bit I went out to check on our new baby rabbits. It was a bit chilly. I decided to use what I had learned in these lessons. I closed my eyes and grabbed on to a bit of warmth from the sun and used I as a base for my creation. I expanded the warmth around my body, and the cold was taken away. It works in normal reality... Awesome!!!!

I knew it might rain and I had a separate cage with the bigger male rabit in it. I put the cage itself into to the hutch with our baby giant Flemish because I did not have a hutch for him yet. He was separated from them. I did not realize the they could fit under the bottom. The larger rabit stomped both of them to death, and yes their "eyes were popping out". I was heart broken, so will be my boys when I pick them up from school in about a half an hour. Rest in peice softy and fluffy. I'm sorry I was not more observant.

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