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A man awake

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Another strange and powerful dream

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White Crane Feather


I only had one dream last night so my continued intention to give up remembering all my dreams except for the important ones seems to be working.

Last night I found myself in a car traveling to Southern California. A beautiful angelic woman was driving and all that I got from her was that there was somone that she wanted me to talk to. I was not totally lucid yet. But for some reason it was all perfectly natural.

When we got to where we were going, it was like a large skilled nursing facility. Normally I hate these places, but this one seemed to be ok. The angle guided me into the facility and imeadiatly all these old people started fawning over me. They would reach out and touch my arm, praise me, smile. It was Kind of embarrassing. I thought they must just be lonely. Then it got a little stranger. As I walked down the hall at her lead, each section of the hospital got a little more divided, by stuff like chairs and coaches in the hall way. Also each section each person got a little worse off. They also got a little more desperate for my attention. The obstacles got harder and harder until I was climbing over a tower of sofas. I started to get the feeling I was here to do a death counciling. When I finally made it to the very back room. It was like a hospital room. There was a man in the bed. Old but it was strange he looked like he was tore up but not in a physical sense. He was shriveled and brown and had bandages on him it was almost cartoonish. He was battered but it seemed alien. I understood that he was dieing and I had to talk to him, but I wasn't sure even how to begin. She motioned for me to sit next to him. I did but he sort of lurched up defensively and with agility. It looked like he was in pain but not physically. I started to become lucid. Was this a soul I was looking at? A battered one? I looked to the angle and said in my mind "I don't know what to do." She said back "get him talking".

I looked around for something to connect to him with. Out a window I saw a tree, a tree when I spent some time in the south I used to pick large green catapillars off of for fishing. I started to tell him about it. He seem to be listening but I woke up not long after that.

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