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A man awake

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Cool lucid dream

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White Crane Feather


I was haveing a lot of fun last night. I was lucid in a video game like dream. It was a war game.

Lots of jeep riding and shooting large guns at helicopters. All sorts of stuff. Ocassionally the lucidity would wake me up but I was able to return right to where I left of. The funny thing is that my team would be waiting for me as if it all were on pause. THEY WERE LUCID TO!!!! almost like other players. Even a little irritated that I kept stopping the action. One even tossed me my gun and said are "you done wakeing up now we have a job to do?"

I told him "I'll try" then turned around and took out a helicopter and some military boats down this beach. It all ended with traveling home and going our seperate ways a civilian airport.

The interesting part is that I have been sick since Wed and my fevor broke at the same time as all of this.

Did I join my white blood cells in battle? Can I have a conscious relationship with my immune system? How awesome would that be? What if somone could be taught to tell their immune system to attack a tumor or to not react so badly to peanuts or other severe allergies?

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