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talking to myself

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Yet they continue, the good policemen and women



Yet they continue, the good policemen and women

I have a lot of respect for the police. I believe that many of them, perhaps the majority become policemen and women because they actually want to serve and protect others. I have seen the police show concern and respect towards those who are disrespectful and call them pigs. Yet they continue. What they do, their good service goes unnoticed because they are simply doing their job. When people are honest, caring, and take pride in their work no matter what it is; it is taken for granted.

There are of course bad cops, just as there are bad parents, teachers, politicians, priest, doctors, etc. When things go bad then everyone takes notice and on many occasions those who have no part in the wrong doing are drawn in. I would think most people have found themselves in that situation from time to time. Be it racial, religious, and political, or like now for the police.

When the police use unnecessary force then they have to be dealt with quickly and severely. They have an important function in society and when police do harm then the trust of the pubic is lost. When that occurs, even those policemen and women who are good and caring in how they carry out their jobs can become bitter and in the process back down and do less.

As our society gets more violent, it may be that more violence prone men and women are attracted to that kind of work. There are videos that show policemen thrashing people who are defenseless and screaming for mercy. This would point to sadism on the part of the policemen and women who partake in this kind of violent and at times lethal activity. Or perhaps they are men and women, who can’t take that particular kind of stress, which is often extreme in their line of work, and should not be on the force at all.

I would think that if the police stopped policing one day, we as a society would see the difference in no time. So for people to call cops ‘pigs’ is in the long run harmful for society I believe. When burn out happens for the police perhaps we are all in danger. As our society in the United States become more violent, which it seems to becoming, then the stress on law enforcement is greater…..it is illogical then to badger them and call them names. When those who are not criminals call the police by defamatory names, it can only lead to trouble.

A friend wanted me to see the movie “Purge” and see what I thought. So he lent me the film and I watched it. The movie was set in the near future. In order for people to work out their aggression and hatred, it was mandated that one night a year there would be a ‘Purge”, in which no crime was illegal. So people could go on rampage and kill, rape, burn, and do whatever they wanted. It was supposed to allow a cathartic release once a year. It was chilling, but at the end of the movie (at least from my rendering), it showed that the purge was not working, for each year it seemed to be getting ‘better’, which meant more people were being killed. With more people each year seeking revenge from the last purge, the event was slowly doing the opposite of what it was supposed to do. It had one man voice this over the radio the day after the purge: “They killed my two sons last night, I am no longer proud to be an American”. Which means wait till next year and I will get my revenge. I think the movie brought out the importance of having a police force. For without it there would only be chaos. Many people will disagree with this, but all we have to do is read the papers and what is happening in countries that were once modern and civilized, it did not take much to turn everything upside down.


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