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A man awake

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Apocalyptic dream? 2046?

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White Crane Feather


Thursday night I sliped out of body and out into the air. These days I just let myself be carried into what ever is next. I found myself standing in front of a young girl with black hair. Probably about 12 or 13.

She was talking to me. We had a long conversation but I can't for the life of me remember what it was about, but I do remember that she pointed to the sky toward the horizon. It was very strange what I saw. The sky was on fire but it looked like a paper art show. The flames looked like painted construction paper. It was very strange like reality was turned into an art project.

It's upsetting because we had a very long in depth conversation but I can't rmemeber any of it except for one thing. She was very adamant about makeing me memorize the number 2046. She made me go over it several times like she knew I might forget.

It was so very important for me to know those numbers that after I woke up and was walking in my hall I encountered her again and she told me she came back to remind me. It was a false awakening, I woke up again right after that.

Strange, I wonder what the numbers mean. Could it be a year? That would be 32 years from now. I don't know but it seemed very important to her that I memorize it.

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Wow, cool experiance. At least from my POV, being really into end time prophecy. If you get a chance check out a film on youtube called the harbinger. This Christian Rabbi broke down alot of old test scriptures, to point to next year in September would be the begining of some type of serious judgement. If its say the 7 year trib, it would be all over in 2023. Add in a little strange numerology, and your 46 in half is 23. Though I never did understand those numerology folks. But they are always cutting numbers in half. RRR nevermind all that.

Very interesting experiance bro.

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White Crane Feather


Well who knows. When she was having me repeat it it was poignant. Two-zero-four-six kinda thing. Without the apocalyptic imagry it seemed more like a number than a year. But again, she wanted it to stick and it seems very much like a year.

I'll be 67 that year. It's a mystery. I'm not going to persue such things. I have way to much to think about in my own life than apocalyptic visions.

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