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A man awake

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Another beautiful confirmation

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White Crane Feather


Several nights ago I exited my body and in our room was an angel. I know her well actually. She was looking over my three year old. It seems she comes at night while the kids are dreaming and she sort of over seas it. My son was one out aswell he was sitting on the edge of the bed, but his body was still lying down. He was talking with her and playing with her gown. She saw me watching and waved. They interacted for some time and then she left through the wall. My son moved over to my side of the bed to look out the window and she floated into the sky.

Yesterday my wife told me that he said that " me and daddy saw a nice ghost on it floated up into the sky". My wife made note of it because it was peculiar thing to say. Just this morning he told me.

Angles are real. Beautiful spirits that look after us and try to help us through this life and even heal us in the next. They have come to me to help others, they have protected me, and they have looked after my children.

ASK, if you are reading this read my blog


When I woke up from that, the first thing I got was your first email. If you don't beleive me check the time stamps. You are loved and they want you to live.

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