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A man awake

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Interesting Thanks Giving Morning

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White Crane Feather


( I posted this in the weird dreams thread but thought it would be s good entry here as well)

There was some strange energy very early this morning for me. I was having a nightmare where my 3 year old kept getting away from me. He kept working his way down a steep ravine full of brush that only he could fit in between. There was a river at the bottom. You can imagine I was horrified. He made it to the river but I managed to catch up with him. Releaved we watched some fishermen catch fish and it be came kinda fun. Then strangely my son ended up across the river walking away again, but i noticed a hag like woman trying to lewer him away. I swam the river and persued. I was extrmey anxious. I caught up with him and scooped him up. She came out of the bushes and made an aggressive motion towards me hissing with her face contorted. As soon as she did I gain lucidity. I'm fairly exsperienced at lucidness, so I blasted her with my mind disintegrating her. But then various objects started transforming into aggressive nightmare like creatures. I started to blast them. I was in attack mode and just started to blast everything. ( something like you might see on a movie with somone with psychic super powers). I realized that my frame of mind was all wrong and would create a hell of I did not take control of my fear. I stopped and steadied myself. As the monsters emerged I gently let them slip away instead of attacking. It worked. My environment calmed down, then my son said "good job Daddy". I said "thanks booba". His nickname (actually we call all our kids booba)

I looked around at the now calm brushy forest up the bank from the river and gently woke my self up.

When I awoke I had pulsing chill/goosebumps rolling through me. Also a hint of the mid conciousness vibrations. I was not in sleep paralisis, but could tell I was not fully there. I was in a hypnagogic state and anxiety was creeping back up. I started to see forms shuffling around my room. Something started to take shape in front of me. I could feel myself slipping down. I had to make a choice to embrace it and have a conversation with this thing, or bring myself back up to be fully awake. I buried the anxiety, but I was not in the mood to deal with spirits/hypnagogic illusions ( you decide which), so I took control of my conciousness and started to bring myself out. It took longer than usual. When I was almost out a barely visible humanoid transparent figure walked through my open bedroom door. I was sitting up, I said out loud. "Not right now, it's thanksgiving morning, I don't want to deal with anything I'm on vacation, if it's lmportant talk to me on Monday" by the end of the sentence I was fully out of my trance. My wife mumbled something "whaaaa who are you talking to?".... Then she answered herself "oh.... Yeah... ( still very much mumbling) Well tell them to go away, it's creepy when you do that"

I just went back to sleep with a personal affirmation that my dreams would be calm and not remembered.

Yeah.... so that was my morning. Got a beautiful Pacific salmon in a Native American earth oven. About 25 people coming over latter.

Happy thanks giving.

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